DJI Osmo Users Can Now Get the New Osmo FlexiMic Free of Charge

The successful all-in-one 4K camera and pistol grip gimbal stabilizer DJI Osmo created a lot of buzz in the industry since it was officially announced back in October last year. Besides the positive initial reviews it received during that period, however, many owners of the pistol grip gimbal already complained about the atrocious audio quality it provides.

If you already have tested the DJI Osmo on your own, you’ve probably come across the annoying hum of the device’s internal fan, as well as the vibrations of the gimbal motors when using the built-in microphone. All in all, this issue makes the internal audio of the device completely unusable for professional applications.


The good news is that DJI already came up with a solution. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer announced the new Osmo FlexiMic that is available free of charge for all Osmo owners who have purchased the gimbal after January 29th.  As the company claims, this new plug-in microphone will offer users of the flagship handheld, stabilized 4K camera and gimbal system an even more powerful experience, taking them one step further towards professional-level filmmaking.

Further, the new FlexiMic can be plugged directly into the 3.5mm mic socket the gimbal comes with, and it should dramatically improve the sound quality of video footage record by the DJI Osmo. Below is the Fleximic already showing as part of the latest DJI Osmo kit.


There are several ways for Osmo users to get their free FlexiMic. If you already have purchased the DJI Osmo without an included FlexiMic, here’s how you can easily get one from the beginning of March:

All in all, kudos to DJI for finding a quick workaround for this issue and making it easily available for existing owners. Considering the reputation of the company mainly known for creating high-quality premium products, we firmly believe that this type of issues will be drastically reduced not only in the future versions of the DJI Osmo but also in the other flagship products of the company’s successful lineup of gimbals and camera drones.

[via: PVC, source: DJI]

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DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal

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