NAB 2016: Atomos Introduced the Shogun Inferno – a Flagship 10-bit Monitor/ Recorder That Supports HDR, 4K 60p, HD 240p, Raw Recording and More

Just a few hours before the opening of NAB, Atomos announced the flagship Shogun Inferno Monitor/Recorder. Apparently, the unit combines the best in monitoring technology as it boasts HDR capabilities, 10-bit processing, 1500nit brightness, PQ in/out, 4K 60p, HD 240p, Raw recording and Quad SDI ports. The Shogun Inferno also provides unprecedented playback and editing functionality that encourages on set collaboration and makes mastering a high resolution, high frame rate, high dynamic range workflow available to all filmmakers. As a flagship model, Shogun Inferno sits on top of the new Atomos HDR line-up which has expanded to include HDR as a free update to the Blade HD series, Ninja Assassin, Shogun and Shogun Studio along with the recently announced Flame series.


Shogun Inferno has all of the premium monitoring features previously announced on the Shogun Flame including 10 stops of dynamic range with AtomHDR, 1500nit brightness for outdoor monitoring and 10-bit processing for smooth color transitions and more.

Atomos Shogun Inferno Monitor/Recorder Highlights:

  • High-quality 4K 60p and HD 240p ProRes and DNxHR recording, from either a video or Raw signal – perfect
    for sports broadcasters and slow motion recordings
  • Raw to Raw CDNG recording up to 4K DCI/UHD 30p or 2K/HD 120p. CDNG support will also be added to
    existing Shogun Flame, Shogun and Shogun Studio users one month after the launch of Inferno.
  • Versatility of Quad SDI connections to let you input from cameras with 1.5/3/6/12G SDI outputs without the
    need for converters – perfect for 4K HDR multi-cam events
  • 7” 1500nit brightness; For Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) shooting ramp the brightness slider up to 1500 nit
    for hood-free outdoor monitoring.
  • Apple ProRes & AVID DNxHR recording; Record to visually lossless Apple ProRes or AVID DNxHD in Rec709
    or Log formats as an edit friendly, visually lossless industry benchmark independent of the camera brand used.
  • Custom looks, Continuous power, Playlist generation
  • PQ (ST-2084) input that allows you to use Inferno as a grading monitor in Post
  • PQ (ST-2084) output standard HDR to compatible TVs and monitors
  • Retail Price: $1,995
  • Availability: Q3 2016


The Shogun Inferno is going to hit the shelves in the second half of 2016 for a retail price of $1,995/€ 1,995 (ex. VAT). Further, all users of the Samurai Blade, Ninja Blade, Shogun and Ninja Assassin will also get a free upgrade to the AtomHDR image processing scheduled for May 2016. In addition to the announcement of Shogun Inferno and the expanded HDR line-up, Atomos have made further announcements at NAB to support this new 4K 60p, HDR creative workflow.

[Source: Atomos]

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  • I’m very hacked off about this. I know that you shouldn’t buy products on the promise of future features, but Atomos have been promising 4K 60p on the Shogun virtually since its introduction. I bought a Shogun Flame just a week or so ago and days later they announce the Inferno. Had I known the Inferno was coming, with 4K 60p out of the box, I would have bought that instead. Now I’m left with the prospect of either trying to convince them to take it back (an exercise that I just don’t have time in the day to undertake without other things suffering) so I can get the better model, or sitting tight and hoping they come good on their earlier promises.

    To coin a phrase: #epicFail, Atomos.

    Further – the question is: who would buy the Flame when the Inferno at just $300 more offers so much better functionality? With the Flame Atomos have introduced a new product with great fanfare, then orphaned it within days. This seems to me like very bad faith and sharp practise.

  • Mike

    Will this work on the GH4?

    • Hi Mike, yes it will work with the GH4 for ProRes or DNxHR. The GH4 does not output raw though, keep this in mind.