Atomos Shogun Inferno 8.3 Adds Quad-Link and Sony FS5/FS700 4Kp100/120 Burst Raw

Atomos just released details of their latest firmware update version 8.3 for their top tier Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K raw recorder. The latest firmware adds Quad-Link and Dual-link support for ProRes/DNxHD recording as well as 4K Raw 100/120fps burst support for Sony FS5 and FS700 cameras.

The burst mode on the FS700 and FS5 is limited to 4 seconds, which translates to 16/20 seconds on a 24fps timebase realtime. The 7-inch Atomos Shogun Inferno also recently got an official price drop and can now be bought for $1,495 from authorized resellers such as B&H and Adorama, which represents a juicy discount of $500 from the original $1,995 price the recorder was launched at last year.

Even with this significant price drop, the Shogun Inferno still comes included with 2 x NP 750 batteries, charger, XLR breakout cable, 5 SSD caddies, and a really nice HPRC hard case.

Check out this demo footage of the 4K/100fps burst mode on the Sony FS5 + Shogun Inferno by Tim Pan:

Atomos Shogun Inferno 8.3 Details:

  • Quad-Link and Dual-Link cameras are now supported with ProRes/DNxHD
  • Sony FS Raw 4Kp100/120 burst recording mode added for Sony FS5/FS700
  • Secure Erase option for selected media to maximize SSD performance
  • This release contains all the features from AtomOS 8.21 for Shogun Inferno

The following cameras are supported with Quad-Link (Squared & 2SI):

  • Canon C700
  • Panasonic Varicam 35
  • RED DCSM1 with REDCast Module – Epic & Scarlet Dragon (Mysterium X not supported)
  • Sony PMW-F55
  • Sony PMW-F5 + CBKZ-55FX 4K expand option
  • Sony F65RS + CA-4000 + SKC-4065 + BPU-4000 (for studio camera configuration)
  • Sony HDC-4800 (4K studio camera and CCU)
  • Sony HDC-4300(4K studio camera and CCU)
  • Toshiba IK-4K

The following cameras are supported with Dual-Link:

  • Canon C500 2K/60p
  • Panasonic Varicam LT – 10bit Dual Link RAW

Secure Erase is supported on selected media for:

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro
  • Atomos branded G-Tech media
  • Atomos branded Angelbird media

Atomos Shogun Inferno Quad LInk Firmware 8.3

One important note about Panasonic LT users and V-Log recording on the Shogun Inferno is that currently to preserve V-Log recording in its original form, users need to apply a specially developed 3D LUT; more info from Atomos below:

Panasonic RAW to VLog Correction LUT

Atomos maintain the native Pana Raw LUT and do not convert to V-Log on the unit currently. To record V-Log the same as the camera does internally please apply the 3D LUT found here.

To download AtomOS 8.3 head over here.

The Shogun Inferno of course also offers high quality 12bit 4K and 2K Raw recording from selected cameras. To learn more about the CinemaDNG Raw workflow with the Inferno check out the Atomos video below.

I currently own a Ninja Inferno as it is more affordable at $995 and does offer 4K/60p via HDMI – the maximum I can get out of my Panasonic GH5, plus it is a really nice HDR monitor, but for those of you out there with Sony FS5’s or FS700s and Canon C300 IIs, the Shogun Inferno makes more sense as it adds 12G SDI connectivity and extra Raw functionality.

To learn more about the Inferno head over to Atomos.

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  • Alejandro B. Martin

    who said for fs5 ? it is for f5 not fs5

  • Alejandro B. Martin

    even the fs5 is not listed in atomos pdf as supported camera, they do a bad and confusing movement, as ever. Just chevk it out, cameras with quad or dual link, none links feature fs5. Just to point. I recommend if you can contact atomos PR and ask about,cause can cause people buying fs5 for 4k burst 100p and them get limited to default 25p on fs5. I bet that fs5 cannot do 4k100p with no one external recorder, including atomos

  • Micaela Hamilton

    Does this mean the Sony FS5 with the atoms inferno is now capable of more than the Sony FS7? The FS7 can’t shoot 100fps in 4K even with the inferno? Will there be a future upgrade to allow this or is the FS5 now a direct competitor with the FS7?

  • Moviepro Produkties

    When selecting the Raw file option. The atomos only records 1080p even when the output is set to 4k. Firmware version atomos shogun inferno is 8.31 and sony fs5 v3.0 I’m using a atomos 4K60p hdmi cable. Can you tell me how you configured your camera?

    • Gabriel

      Sorry. I mean “can not get the cdng record”

  • Gabriel

    Can you please help me. I just can record 4k raw cdng from my fs700/shogun inferno. I just get pro res. Thanks in advance.