• RoiseTouv

    So shaky video that it’s impossible to watch. I gave up after 2mn.
    How can you be able to get client watching this kind of sample ?

    • Stephan Knight

      Apologies for the shakyness I was pretty sick when I shot this video but wanted it done so just shot it handheld. Least you watched 2 minutes of it woop! 🙂 Happy shooting!

  • T Nails

    For the same price, Tilta Nucleus gets you three motors, FIZ control and handles with FI control. Also, how is this a “review” if you haven’t used it?

    • Stephan Knight

      Hey.. I have used the PD movie dual channel its my daily driver on set. I do have my I set on the Tilta tho.. such an amazing price to. However mounting it onto my ProRing seems a little bit of a faff. If you have an Q on the PD movie let me know =)