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Panasonic Has Developed an 8K Organic Sensor with Global Shutter

Panasonic recently made a huge announcement that they have developed a new CMOS sensor with an organic photoconductive film (OPF) making it capable of producing an 8K high-resolution video at 60fps with global shutter, eliminating the dreaded “jello effect” associated with electronic shutter based sensors. The new

Vimeo Now Supports 10bit HDR Video in 4K and Even 8K!

HDR (or High Dynamic Range) is truly where the advantage of higher resolutions such as 4K and 8K really starts to matter. On an SDR TV, even a really good one, an educated viewer can still struggle to see a major difference in colour rendition and detail

RED MONSTRO 8K VV Full-Frame Sensor for RED 8K WEAPON

RED just announced MONSTRO 8K VV – the replacement 8K Full-Frame sensor for their top of the range Dragon 8K VV sensor. The new MONSTRO 8K VV sensor is designed for their WEAPON CF and StormTrooper camera bodies and has slightly more dynamic range (17+ stops, or

Nevermind 4K, Avid Media Composer 8.4 Does 8K!

Avid has been the leading motion picture and broadcast industry standard for the past few decades now, but in the past few years Hollywood’s NLE of choice has faced serious competition from Apple with Final Cut Pro and then X, and more recently with the meteoric rise

Capturing 8K Quicklapse Video For a Commercial Project

Back in 2012 when the award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the small production company Sanchez-Olaso, Miguel de Olaso Macgregor accidently found how he can take the time-lapse photography to a whole new level by developing the so-called Quicklapse technique. He was on a trip to Iceland when suddenly he ran across a damaged

DisplayPort 1.3 Is Capable of 4K Video Transfer At 120Hz

Nowadays, imaging and data transfer technology is progressing really fast. There is a great demand not only for inexpensive 4K cameras and work stations, but for accessible higher resolution monitors and displays as well. Why do we really need to shoot in 4K if we can’t monitor properly