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Edelkrone PocketSkater2 a Compact Dolly System That Fits In Your Pocket

Generally, camera dolly systems are still the most popular way of getting those beautiful horizontal smooth shots still widely used in the various film, broadcast and commercial productions. They also provide the ability to replicate the same camera movement for multiple takes, especially when the camera is mounted on a dolly on track. However,

Turn Your Tablet Into A Camera Monitor With The Camlet Mount

One of the common aspects of the filmmaking process is continually finding practical solutions to enhance and improve your production workflow on a regular basis. There are many obstacles and difficulties we as filmmakers face every day on set where the necessity to persistently look for monitoring devices with better

Turbo Ace AllSteady 6 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer Starts Shipping

Just a week ago after another successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, US-based company Turbo Ace announced that they have started shipping the first units of their latest budget All Steady six handheld gimbal stabiliser. That is the right time to see whether their mission to create the ultimate DSLR/Red gimbal experience

Some Simple Tips On How to Clean Your Camera Sensor

Shooting with dust and debris on your GH4, A7s or Canon 5D Mark III camera sensor can be quite annoying and frustrating experience, especially when you are working in bright environments. Dust shows up as soft dark spots in the image, which often can ruin your shooting experience, and

A Must Watch “City Destruction” After Effects Tutorial

Special effects and computer generated imagery (CGI) in particular always have been one of the most expensive aspects of every movie production. This is one of the main reasons why this technology was exclusively available only for the biggest Hollywood productions where often tens, even hundreds of millions

To Rent or Buy Gear For Your Video Productions?

How many times have you been tempted by gear announcement or a freshly released brand new camera? These are the moments when you are ready to spend all your hard-earned cash that you’ve been putting aside for months and even years in a matter of seconds just because you want to have the particular gadget

Wolfcrow Examines the Highs and Lows of the 4K Capable Sony A7s

Sareesh Sudhakaran of Wolfcrow recently took the time to provide a well-balanced and unbiased review of his recently-purchased Sony A7s, highlighting the features of the system that perform exceedingly well, along with the elements that don’t hold up to the tough competition on the market today. Unlike

Sony A7S ISO & Noise Test Video Comparison

Besides the fact that the Sony A7s was proclaimed as the “low-light king” and became one of the most popular mirorrless compact cameras of 2014, it still has flaws. Sure, it features a professional gamma curve such as S-log2, shoots 4K (though externally), has a full-frame sensor

Moonlight – Sony A7s Short Film Lit Only by Moonlight

Shooting a movie scene lit only by moonlight has been a dream for generations of filmmakers. Unfortunately, it was unattainable in practice, for the most part, up until now. Stanley Kubrick might have shot Barry Lyndon with available light 40 some years ago, but then again that

Casper Mini Stabilizer for Your BMPCC, GH4 or A7s

Smooth tracking shots are visually impressive, look pleasant to the eye, add production value to your video. I’m sure every each one of us can think of at least a dozen great examples of perfectly executed smooth shots from some of our favourite films. A fluid and