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A Simple Way to Utilise Luma Mattes in After Effects

There are numerous ways to manipulate and apply effects to objects or certain parts of your shot when using After Effects. Many of those methods, however, can be very cumbersome and time-consuming. That’s why in today’s After Effects tutorial Ruan of Tunnel Vizion explores much simpler and straightforward

Adding Realistic Camera Shake To Your Footage In After Effects

These days there are literally countless ways to manipulate Raw footage using the already available post-production software solutions that are constantly getting better and more user-friendly oriented with every new version. For instance, you can replace different parts of your frame, remove unwanted artifacts, color grade your footage so

Adobe Anywhere for Filmmakers and Video Shooters

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. As such, it is so important for filmmakers to have the creative freedom and the ability to access their own content remotely without physical constraints and limitations. No matter where your team members are physically located, it would be great if  all of them