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The Totally Modular CRAFT Camera is Totally NOT Happening

Craft Digital Systems recently announced in an official email to customers, who’ve pre-ordered the Craft camera, that sadly, they won’t be able to deliver and will refund deposits. You may (or may not) recall that Robocop-looking new 4K camera for around $3K that was mysteriously unveiled back at

4K Open-Source AXIOM Beta Camera Development Update

After successfully funding and exceeding their funding goal for the World’s 1st 4K Open-Source camera – the AXIOM Beta, the team at Apertus have been working hard on developing the camera. Earlier today they released the following November 2014 progress report. They have just finished the preliminary design

AXIOM Beta: New 16mm Sensor & Monochrome Options

Great news for Axiom Beta adopters. Just recently, Apertus announced a joint collaboration with Magic Lantern who are lending a hand in the development of the Axiom Beta with some sensor analysis in order to come up with some pretty exciting in-camera encoding options for the Axiom

Apertus AXIOM Alpha Camera Field Testing & AXIOM Beta News

The creative folks behind the AXIOM Alpha Project have been working hard on a few independent projects testing the camera in real world environments. The field test projects for the AXIOM Alpha prototype ranged from urban daylight locations, including horse racing, to night exteriors and studio-based macro shots of insects and