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13 Essential Gimbal Moves For Your Creative Workflow

Gimbal stabilizers are exactly what you need to create the perfect visual aesthetics for any of your narrative productions and immerse your audience deeper into the story. You can easily do so by employing some essential gimbal movements on any creative project you have to do. So,

Five Creative In-Camera Transitions to Enhance Your Edits

There are many creative techniques that can help you in your endeavor to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos one of which undoubtedly being in-camera transitions. What’s great about this filmmaking technique is that you can pull it off quickly and easily anywhere in the field

Five Creative Tripod Tricks for Shooting Video

It’s been a while since we last talked about some creative filmmaking techniques that you can easily implement in your everyday creative workflow out in the field. Of course, you can find many useful resources on the topic online, but the guys we definitely trust for some good

How Powerful Can a Motivated Camera Movement Be?

There are countless camera support systems and gimbals these days capable of producing silky smooth and professionally looking cinematic shots in almost any situation and at a reasonable price. However, these tools are useless if you really don’t know how to plan, execute, and implement a certain camera movement so that

An Affordable Camera Dolly System from CAME-TV

Many people tend to believe that the 3-axis brushless gimbal stabilisers have revolutionised filmmaking industry in a way so that they finally succeeded in making obsolete conventional professional systems for capturing smooth and fluent cinematic shots used for decades. Yet, there are certain situations when this isn’t necessarily the