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Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ & Apollo Firmware 2018.03

Convergent Design have been at the forefront of portable on-camera 4K recorders ever since the Odyssey7Q and later the Odyssey7Q+, which has become one of the most popular 4K raw recorders especially for cameras such as the Sony FS5 and FS7. Known for their extensive firmware updates,

Sony FS5 4K Raw Tutorial with Alister Chapman

The 4K/2K Raw option on the Sony FS5 makes it kind of a big deal and can transform the little camera into a 12bit cinematic beast. Sony ICE Alister Chapman explains how to get started recording Raw from the FS5 on external recorders such as the Odyssey7Q/7Q+

How to Setup Your Sony FS5 to Record 4K Raw

Getting to grips with Sony camera menus can be a soul crushing task, but worry not there are plenty of helpful tutorials and videos on the Internet. Such videos are often most helpful when they come from manufacturers or advanced users of the kit in question. Convergent