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Check Out This Awesome After Effects Mirror Trick

I guess it’s safe to say that Adobe After Effects already provides all the necessary tools and assets that the majority of content creators and VFX artists will ever need to turn even the boldest and most challenging visual concepts they have in mind into reality. Once

Premiere Pro CC Exposure Transitions Pack + Free Download

In case you are you looking for some creative ways to add style and flavor to your edit while switching between shots, you’ve just come to the right place. Typically, those type of premade transitions can run you a significant amount of money, which is ridiculous considering

Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

While teleprompters used to cost thousands of dollars and were exclusively used by studios and big TV production companies, the dawn of smartphones and their app stores have allowed developers to create advanced teleprompter apps that can virtually do the same job but for a fraction of

Five Creative Tripod Hacks to Enhance Your Creative Workflow

While the tripod isn’t the most glamorous piece of filmmaking equipment one can get, it still can work wonders for virtually every production. After all, where would cinema be without the traditional pan/tilt/static shots created with this tool? On top, not only can tripods be adjusted to

Quick Tips on Shooting in S-Log3 with the Sony a6500

As we all know, S-Log3 gamma profile could be extremely beneficial not only when shooting with any of the mid to high-level tier Sony cameras, but also with the smaller entry-level mirrorless counterparts such as the Sony a6500. The picture produced with the profile provides an extremely

Faster Color Grading with Groups in DaVinci Resolve 14

Even though DaVinci Resolve is relatively new to the line of non-linear editing programs, the platform has become a proven powerhouse for video editing. In fact, it’s reached a high enough potential to the point that an increasing number of seasoned professionals have found themselves switching from

How To Quickly Switch Frame Rates on the Panasonic GH5

If you’re someone who constantly shoots at different frame rates with your Panasonic GH5, then you’ll know the struggle of having to switch settings to get the look you go after every time. Let’s say you’re at a sport’s game shooting footage in the cinema standard 24

Blue Screen vs Green Screen: Which Setup Should You Opt For?

Chroma keying is a common post-processing technique that has been utilized in many filmmaking productions and other creative applications for ages. The process allows you to achieve virtually the impossible, whether it be sending your actors to a fictitious distant location or something as simple as letting

Placing Text Behind an Object in Premiere Pro CC

Some post-production tricks that initially seem simple to pull off usually end up being more complicated than one may think. That certainly applies to placing text behind an object, a commonly used technique that could also be very deceptive. While it does seem straightforward at first, it actually

How to Keep Focus While Filming a Moving Subject

Keeping focus while filming a subject in motion could be a very challenging and daunting task even for some seasoned videographers and camera operators. This is especially true if you are short on staff and have to operate in a one-man-band shooting situation, such as in an

Shooting Stunning iPhone Hyperlapse Videos in a Few Easy Steps

Camera technology has evolved to the point where you can capture some impressive professional images using just a smartphone. Among the plethora of photography and videography applications, the iPhone could arguably be considered as the most commonly used smartphone in that regard not only because of the