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Five Creative Tripod Tricks for Shooting Video

It’s been a while since we last talked about some creative filmmaking techniques that you can easily implement in your everyday creative workflow out in the field. Of course, you can find many useful resources on the topic online, but the guys we definitely trust for some good

A $500 Budget Camera and Lens Kit for Video Shooting?

Who said you have to spend a fortune to get a decent video kit to be able to capture some stunning professional videos for your productions especially when you’re just starting out? For instance, you can get a decent secondhand entry-level camera with some nice neat video

How to Nail Focus While Using a Motorized Slider

Nailing your focus with bare hands while using a manual lens and motorized slider could be a daunting task even for an experienced focus puller. So, how can you pull this off without having a follow focus system at your disposal? Well, the next video produced by Rhino

NAB 2017: Panasonic Debuts AG-UMR20 Recorder/AG-UCK20 4K Compact Camera Alongside AU-XPD3 expressP2 Drive

Besides its 360-degree Live Camera System, Panasonic just unveiled a few other enticing products including the AG-UMR20 Recorder/AG-UCK20 4K Compact Camera alongside the AU-XPD3 expressP2 Drive with Thunderbolt 3 capabilities. In essence, the AG-UMR20/combo is a small and compact camera package providing ultra-flexible, high-quality 4K image capture and advanced IP

Manfrotto Introduces the Innovative Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head

The Italian-based gear maker Manfrotto just unveiled its first video head that features an innovative, continuous counterbalance system based on a nitrogen-piston mechanism. Unlike conventional video heads with stepped levels of counterbalance, the Nitrotech N8 can be precisely adjusted to the weight of your camera rig. What’s more