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How to Emulate the Dolly Zoom or Vertigo Effect in Post

The famous Dolly Zoom or Vertigo effect that has been employed extensively in numerous iconic Hollywood classics throughout the last century has become ubiquitous and highly recognizable over time but can one do it without using the conventional method of tracking forward and zooming out or vise verse? Well, it

5 Tips and Tricks for Filming Better Event Videos

Often, filming an event video or an after movie for a client could be incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re not prepared for the shoot itself in advance. Unlike narrative productions, you don’t have the control over the action that takes place on such occasions. More or less, you’re

How to Direct Non-Actors in Your Corporate Videos

Have you ever thought what is the biggest culprit that usually eats up most of your time when shooting a corporate video for a client? The odds are, it’s your client himself and particularly his/her lack of experience when performing in front of the camera. Even though this type

Cooke Optics Revive Their Classic Speed Panchro Cine Lenses

Classic cine lenses have always been in great demand among seasoned cinematographers and DPs around the globe, not only for the sturdy build quality and exquisite imagery they produce but mostly for the unique aesthetics they could bring to any filmmaking project. So, it’s always a welcomed decision

Tascam Unveils the Brand New DR-100mk III Handheld Digital Stereo Recorder

The latest generation Tascam’s flagship handheld digital recorder DR-100mk III was just unveiled to the world, offering new slick design, higher recording sample rates, and improved overall performance. Unlike its predecessor the ubiquitous Tascam DR-100mk II, the brand new DR-100mk III delivers ultra-high resolution recordings up to 192kHz/24-bit, with an