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NAB 2017: Panasonic Debuts AG-UMR20 Recorder/AG-UCK20 4K Compact Camera Alongside AU-XPD3 expressP2 Drive

Besides its 360-degree Live Camera System, Panasonic just unveiled a few other enticing products including the AG-UMR20 Recorder/AG-UCK20 4K Compact Camera alongside the AU-XPD3 expressP2 Drive with Thunderbolt 3 capabilities. In essence, the AG-UMR20/combo is a small and compact camera package providing ultra-flexible, high-quality 4K image capture and advanced IP

The World’s Highest Capacity microSD Card Now Can Store 200GB of Data

With the introduction of 3-axis hand-held gimbals and other innovative stabilisers along with the various filmmaking accessories and numerous apps that can turn your smartphone into a fully functional filmmaking tool, the growing demand for more efficient and reliable storing solutions seems to be happening in a very natural way. Imagine