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BeeWorks Launches BW05 Camera Stabilizer

You may recall the innovative BeeWorks 5 camera stabiliser, which we covered last November.The gimbal has an asymmetric design to offset motor weight, making it inherently more balanced and reducing adjustment points. Sure there’s lots of manufacturers today of 3-axis gimbal stabilisers like the DJI Ronin M and

BeeWorks 5 Camera Stabilization and Control System

The 3-axis handheld camera stabilizers continue to evolve at warp speed. Following the tremendous success of already popular models such as the Freefly Movi M10, Movi M5, DJI Ronin, AllSteady 5PRO and many others, now its time for a new lighter, more efficient and more precise remotely controlled BeeWorks Camera Stabilizer. The

The SkyGlide X-Car RC is Your New Favorite Toy

In the not so distant past, most of us working on a budget had very limited options when it came to moving the camera in a smooth or innovative manner that looked half-way professional. Today, with the influx of hand held stabiliser gimbals, like the DJI Ronin,

Podcast 003 – The Week In Review: Discussing the “Current State of Cinema”, A New Short Film Shot on the Sony A7s, 3-Axis Gimbals, and Writing you First Screenplay.

Podcast 003 – The Week In Review: Discussing The “Current State Of Cinema”, A New Short Film Shot on the Sony A7s, 3-Axis Gimbals for the Sony A7s and GH4, and Writing Your First Screenplay Posted by  Ogy Stoilov June 29, 2014 In Episode 003 of the 4KShooters Podcast, Ogy Stoilov