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A Mesmerizing Saigon Hyperlapse Video Shot Exclusively on the DJI OSMO

Besides being a fantastic tool for capturing silky smooth hand-held shots, the DJI Osmo is also a powerful gimbal camera/system that can produce astounding hyper-lapse videos as well. The evidence is the video below produced by the time-lapse photographer and adventure filmmaker Rufus Blackwell exclusively shot for DJI. It’s noteworthy to

The Pros and Cons of the 4K DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal

Earlier in October last year the leading consumer ready-to-fly systems manufacturer DJI surprisingly announced its single hand gimbal camera/system named OSMO – a completed hand-held gimbal solution that boasts a sleek and innovative design and comes with integrated spherical camera on top providing 4K recording along with the ability to capture some really cool slow

solidLUUV – the Ultimate All-In-One Compact Camera Stabilizer

Stabilization is still a challenge and an essential issue for many videographers and enthusiasts who prefer to shoot video with their smartphone, GoPro or another small compact camera. Sure, there are already various dedicated pistol-grip stabilizers on the market that might do a decent job, yet most of them are only