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5 Easy In-Camera Tricks to Stylize Your Production

Getting as many in-camera effects as possible is always a recommended approach than trying to achieve the same optical illusion later in post. That way, you’re not only saving time and effort, but the final result is also far more believable and authentic. So, if you’re wondering

Use These Four Tips To Make Your Stop-Motion Videos Shine

Stop-motion photography could be a fantastic way to express your visual ideas in a different, more creative and enticing manner. Whether you tend to shoot a stop-motion video for a client or just for fun, this technique could be another great addition to your filmmaking skill set.

9 Extremely Challenging to Shoot Film Scenes

There’s nothing more inspiring and entertaining┬áthan a perfectly executed practical effect or stunt in a film. Actually, filmmaking is the only art form that goes way beyond the realm of human possibilities and laws of physics when it comes to performing extremely hard to shoot scenes and