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Check Out This Stunning 4K Video Editing Ryzen Hackintosh Build

One of the toughest decisions professionals working in post-production eventually should make is whether or not they want to invest in a Mac or a PC workstation. While Macs are known for their consistent performance coupled with the refined software and hardware, Apple is notorious for putting

Akitio Thunder3 Quad Mini External Storage Solution for Your Mac

Many of you would probably agree that one of the most annoying parts of the entire post-production workflow is consistently falling short of storage. With the ever-increasing camera picture quality comes larger file sizes, so choosing a reliably fast storage solution for your workflow is paramount. Finding

The Ultimate MacBook Pro Upgrade For Your 4K Workflow

Right before you visit the nearest iCorner (or any other Apple authorised reseller) and spend all of your hard-earned cash on the latest MacBook Pro Retina make sure that you are aware of the fact that you won’t be able to upgrade it down the line. You

A Quick Look at the OWC Envoy Pro Mini USB 3.0 SSD

The Envoy Pro Mini from revered SSD maker and Mac performance upgrade retailer OWC is an extremely powerful and fast SSD, despite its modest physical dimensions. Even though at first glance the Envoy Mini Pro looks just like a regular thumb flash drive, it is an extremely powerful and fast

New Fast SSDs for Your Atomos Shogun/Assassin 4K Recorder

Choosing the right media for your camera or 4K recorder/monitor these days has become as important as picking the right camera for the job. As an audio/video professional second-guessing or skimping on media can be catastrophic to your production as the last thing you want to ruin a

How Reliable and Future-Proof Are Modern SSDs for Video Archiving?

One of the biggest concerns of the modern filmmaking community and the digital world, in general, is to find the most reliable and efficient way to archive our work and store the vastly growing flows of digital data to preserve them for the upcoming generations. Archiving is still an ongoing debate whether