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Creating A Location That Virtually Doesn’t Exist

One of the greatest assets of filmmaking as an art form is not only the ability to tell incredible stories by manipulating time and recreating different places and locations but also the chance to bring to life whole new worlds that just don’t exist apart from our imagination. The beauty of

The Ultimate GH4 Kit For Shooting Video

The Lumix GH4 seems to be the go-to solution for many independent filmmakers already looking for an “out of the box” 4K camera with a small footprint for not a lot of money. We shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the camera is still quite popular even a year after

Affordable Wireless Follow Focus System for Less Than $600

One of the main support systems on the production set that gives filmmakers all the productive freedom and confidence they need while shooting is the follow focus system. Unfortunately, many of us usually use a manual one which is fine in most of the cases, however it is still limiting in a