Feast Your Eyes on Some Stunning 6K RED Dragon Footage by Phil Holland

Back in April 2014, LA-based VFX artist, director and cinematographer Phil Holland, was invited by RED Korea, RAPA, and DVInside to conduct a RED workflow workshop in South Korea.

The workshop focused on demonstrating the end-to-end UHD 4K Workflow using RED digital cinema cameras such as the RED EPIC with the new 6K Dragon Sensor.

The South Korea RED Workflow workshop covered 4K+ capture, editing, colour correction and 4K delivery. Many of the workshop attendees got a chance to work with 4K/5K/6K resolutions for the first time.

This is a compilation of various footage Phil shot in 6K on Red Epic Dragon with various lenses – Zeiss Ultra Primes, Schneider Cine-Xenar III Primes, Voigtlander, and Canon.

Please select 2160p (4K on YouTube, the highest resolution the site currently supports) to see in the highest quality.

Down-sampled to 4K the 6K Dragon footage looks absolutely stunning. I would have loved to see more night-time exteriors and interiors though, as well as bright skies on sunny days, but I understand this was done probably due to time limitations as he was there for a very short period of time and worked with the weather he had.

Red Dragon 6K 4K Shooters

I am sure that we’ll see more 6K Dragon footage as more people upgrade their MX Epics or get new Dragon-ned Epics, of I can word it that way. For more of Phil Holland and his excellent VFX and cinematography work head over to his website at PHFX.com.

[via Cinescopophilia & PHFX.com]


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