BeSteady ONE Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Update & Test Shots With the GH4, BMPC 4K and BMPCC

3-axis gimbals are in great demand for many filmmakers. We’ve already posted some extensive thoughts on the topic. 

In case you’ve missed them –  3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers – Part 1 and 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers – Part 2 

Today we have some great test footage from the European company BeSteady Ltd that recently have released the 2nd generation of  their handheld / multi-rotor stabiliser called Besteady ONE. 

The BeSteady ONE Plus updated design combines custom brushless motor technology advanced electronics. The motors have been developed to be precise and powerful, while the 32 bit custom AlexMos electronics make the BeSteady One Plus highly customisable and intuitive to operate. Here’s the footage:

BeSteady ONE Plus – test shots from BeSteady on Vimeo.

No software or lens stabilization has been applied to those shots. I’m really impressed by the images both cameras produce, especially those from the BMPC 4k. It’s clear that with any one of those great gimbals we can produce nice steady professional shots and easily can add more production value to our work.

BeSteasy ONE Plus is an upgrade from the previous model and in this  one guys form BeSteady have implemented some new great features such as:

  • Sensor unit: completly new electronic IMU board, slightly different case and cable. No more breaking cables!
  • Main electronics: new custom 32-bit 2-IMU AlexMos board. That means even better stabilisation accuracy, less unwanted jitter, 5 profiles onboard etc!
  • Completly redesign camera shelf: Canon 5D fits with ease, you may put even BMPC4k size cameras on it! And it is much simpler to balance camera with ‘BeSteady-Four-like’ fancy solutions.
  • Wider construction: we are changing roll carbon tube – it is needed for wider camera shelf.
  • Stainless screws: we are reassembling your unit with stainless screws this time. Loctite on roll connector.
  • Geometry check: as units will be completly reassembled we will be also checking whole geometry of your gimbal. We will also glue in side arms to secure geometry of fork.
  • Two separate connection combs: first one for RCU’s (same as on ONE), second is for Thumbstick with control button.
  • Secured power cable: right now all cables are secured with rigid snakeskin.
  • Full-service-check: that means all screws, geometry, sizing, bending etc.
  • Warranty: after upgrade you will get 12 months limited warranty on your gimbal.
  • Modified Pelicase foam: if you got your gimbal in Pelicase – we will also modify foam for you.
  • No more countless accelerometer calibration: right now we are storing it more securely. Gimbal usually won’t ask you for recalibration without real need!
  • New Manager app: app for PC/Mac and tablets.

For me, the most important features here are the new custom 32-bit AlexMos board and the brend new camera shelf. There is no more physical limitations for the Blackmagic cameras to be set on the gimbal which will make it an demanding option for many BM shooters.


From last Monday, 14th July 2014, all previous BeSteady ONE owners may start upgrading their units to BeSteady ONE Plus. There are some special prices for them as well:

How much it will cost?

BeSteady ONE sold before April regular price 490.00 GBP

BeSteady ONE sold during April and May -33% 328.30 GBP

BeSteady ONE sold during June -66% 166.60 GBP

BeSteady ONE sold during July -66% 166.60 GBP

Kickstarter backers -33% 328.30 GBP

Price does not include shipping
If you bought your unit in any type of special promotion/pricing option you will need to use first option from visible above.
If you bought your unit from second hand you will need to check when it has been sold via dealer network or from us directly via Kickstarter.

The retail price for the brand new BeSteady ONE Plus gimbal is €2,900.00, excluding VAT. 

Make sure you check the other products BeSteady offers.

[via BeSteady EU]

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