Some Sony A7S and Atomos Shogun 4K Footage For Your Consideration

Only a week after the release of the Atomos Shogun we could see some superb 4K videos crawling the Internet already. The Shogun is not only an astounding 7′ 1080p monitor, but it can record 4K video on an SSD drive via HDMI which makes it the perfect match for cameras such as the A7s, GH4 and the Samsung NX1.

Being the only camera from the listed above that can’t record 4K internally, the A7s and the Atomos Shogun provide the perfect set up for those shooters who want to capture breathtaking 4K images by taking advantage of the S-Log workflow at the same time. With the ability to apply a LUT to Log footage, the Shogun makes the process of exposing the S-Log2 video stream coming from the A7s a lot easier and efficient.

The A7s and Shogun 4K combo workflow also has some drawbacks as well. Andrew Reid from has already tested the Shogun with the three of the above cameras, and he also confirms that the most efficient combination regarding compatibility is the Shogun and the A7s one.

Here is the result from one of the first tests Andrew did with the Shogun and the A7s.

Winter’s Mirror (A7S + Shogun) from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

Without a doubt, the image quality coming from this combo is astounding, and the best part here is that one can record more than 3 hours of 4K ProRes LT and around two hours of 4K ProRes 422 footage on a single 480GB SSD drive. According to Andrew, the very high-resolution touch screen provides excellent viewing angles and the ability to pull extremely accurate focus straight off the display.

However, there is a lot of room for improvement as well. For instance, the battery life of the Shogun is not optimized for longer operation, and some users wish that the focus peaking could be stronger, especially when shooting with the S-Log2 profile on the A7s. You also should keep in mind that you won’t be able to capture 120fps video from the Sony’s camera, for the moment, at least. Supplied charger and the SSD reader that come with the kit have issues and the boot time of the device is a little bit longer than expected, around 10-15 seconds.

Here is another video, this time, produced by Show and Tell Films, that you can also download the original file for further consideration.

Atomos Shogun & Sony A7S 4K from Show and Tell Films on Vimeo.

And, a third one:

Spectrum of Lights from Anticipate Media on Vimeo.

If you want to know more about the compatibility of the Atomos Shogun with the other two mirrorless cameras the GH4 and the Samsung NX1, make sure you check the very informative and in-depth post of Andrew on the topic here.

In general, Atomos Shogun Recorder/Monitor makes the most sense to A7s owners as the GH4 and the NX1 has a lot more issues and firmware limitations when used in combination with the Shogun. For instance, you can only capture 30p 4K signal from the NX1, and the GH4 currently lacks a start/stop trigger over HDMI (at least for now, a new firmware is coming for that). Both cameras neither provide an S-Log workflow.


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