Setting Up Atomos Shogun with the Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1 for 4K Recording

Probably many of you are quite excited to get their hands on and play around with the just released Atomos Shogun monitor/recorder. You shouldn’t have any doubts that this device is going to unleash the real potential of your Sony A7s camera and show off its excellent 4K capabilities. It seems that the Shogun is the perfect fit for this little beast. You should take into consideration, though, that some users already run over a couple of minor compatibility issues with the recorder tethered to the GH4 and NX1.

Meanwhile, Atomos released three explanatory step-by-step videos providing a useful information on how to set up the Shogun for the three cameras – Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1.

Atomos Shogun A7s Setup Guide from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

Getting the 4K video feed out of the A7s to the Shogun is a relatively straightforward process, albeit one that requires some additions steps to ensure proper operation. After you plug the HDMI cable in both devices, you should plunge deep in the A7s menu to establish a connection between the camera and the recorder.



First, in the Main Menu of the A7s, you should navigate to the Tool Box Tab. Enter the third menu in the Tool Box, then scroll down to the HDMI 4K Output and set the proper frame rate for your recording session. The A7s will worn you that you can’t record internally while you are in 4K mode tethered to the Shogun.

Optionally, right above the HDMI 4K Output Option in the menu, you can enter the HDMI Settings where you can enable/disable the TC Output. It’s also highly recommended to turn on the Rec Control if you want to trigger the recording mode of the Shogun directly by pressing the side Record Button on the A7s. And, Voila! You are ready to go.

Just in case, you somehow thought that configuring the GH4 and Shogun set up might be easier compared to the A7s/Shogun combo, probably you should think again.

Atomos Shogun GH4 Setup Guide from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

Here is the process step-by-step. On the GH4, set the top circular knob to M with the Movie Camera Icon displayed on the LCD screen. Access the Menu by pressing the Menu  Button and navigate to the Set Up Menu. Go to Menu 6, Section 5 and select system frequency. After you changed the frequency, you should switch the camera off and on.

Press the menu button again and this time, navigate to the Motion Picture Menu. Again, go to Menu 6, Section 1 and set the record format to MOV. After, navigate to Record Quality (just under the Rec Format). Choose 4K, 100 Mbits, 24 fps. You are almost there.

Staying in the Motion Picture Menu scroll down to Section 4, then in the HDMI Record Output setting choose Info Display Off. In the Bit Mode choose 8-bit to 10-bti 4:2:2 sampling. At last but not least, set 4K Down Convert to Auto. Now you are ready to record the 4K video feed out of the GH4 on the Shogun.

At last, the configuration of the Samsung NX1 and Shogun Set Up.

Atomos Shogun NX1 Setup Guide from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

The workflow here is a little bit different and easier. In the first place, it’s important to disconnect the HDMI cable from the NX1. Press the Menu Button, scroll down to the Gear Icon and click OK. Navigate to Video Out. You have two option there, PAL and NTSC, however, you can choose only the NTSC mode for the moment as only the 30p mode is supported in the current NX1 firmware.

Go to the HDMI Output and choose 3840 x 2160p Clean out. Finallyclean the Menu by pressing the Shutter Button. Don’t forget to plug the HDMI cable into the NX1. Ironically, the NX1 and Shogun combo, the easiest one to set up, will give you least options. Using the recorder with the GH4 might be overkill in a way as the GH4  already provides considerable and efficient codec and plenty of internal 4K recording options.

The incapability to record 4K in-camera makes the combination of A7s with the Shogun the most appealing set up at the moment and is certainly an excellent go-to solution for the A7s shooters who want to squeeze the maximum image quality out of their favourite camera.


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