The MōVI Gimbals Get A New Firmware Update

Freefly’s 3-axis stabilized gimbals MōVI M5, M10, M15 just got a new firmware update. The latest 4.01 version of the software adds some new features that enhance the overall system’s capabilities and workflow on set and in post-production as well. The associated Freefly Configurator app for Windows, Mac OS and Android have been updated with the additional new features too.

The new set of updates will make all of the three MōVI models even more appealing devices for filmmakers that want to get those smooth camera movements. Having access to even more creative options while using these gimbals, no matter what type of camera they want to fly, is always a good thing.

Freefly Films – MOVE from Freefly on Vimeo.

Among the new enhancements is the Data Logging feature. This new capability enables logging GPS and camera movement data from the MōVI via a Micro SD card slot on the MōVI GCU. This data can be extremely beneficial for visual effects artists to understand, follow and work with the footage as the Data Logging exports a broad range of parameters that can be used.

The other great feature is the Setdown Sleep mode that now enables the ability to set down any of the MōVI gimbals without the utilization of a stand. This can be very useful in situations where the stand is not readily available on set. If you are not using the gimbal for more than 4 seconds, the MōVI will enter Setdown Sleep mode if the function is enabled. However, it is still recommended to use the stand or power down with extended periods of inactivity.


Heading Assist is another new feature, which improves the functionality of the MōVI when used on a tripod and in other stationary type setups. Now there are four selections available in this mode – OFF, Fixed Mount, GPS, and Compass. OFF is the default and is no change from how the MōVI performed previously to this update. You should switch to Fixed Mount when you want to use the MoVI on a tripod or set to Compass to improve the handheld performance of the gimbal.

An Info button was also added so that users have the ability to quickly and easily access information without searching. Clicking on the “i” will bring up information containing a Quickstart Guide, Config menu item explanations and System menu descriptions. As an added feature, highlighting an item in the Config menu system and then opening Info will point you directly to that description.

Among the other new features are Tilt Control Mode, Improved Smooth Lock performance, Aux Port Function and many more. Some previously addressed minor bugs were also corrected with the software. All MōVI users can download the latest 4.01 firmware update at

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