The Craziest Mission Impossible Stunts Performed by Tom Cruise Himself

Filmmaking can be a truly entertaining experience, but when it comes to performing risky stunts the things may get really tough and messy, and sometimes even life-threatening. Back in the day, only a handful of actors dared to perform their own stunts. Tom Cruise is definitely one of the boldest and craziest ones.

This guy simply doesn’t know his own strength and lives life like there’s no tomorrow. From climbing sheer rock-faces, running around skyscraper exteriors, to strapping himself on a sky-bound cargo plane, Tom Cruise’s got you covered. Here is a brief overview of the craziest stunts along with the most impressive and dangerous scenes for the Mission Impossible franchise where the Hollywood star just went bonkers.

Cruise’s Mission Impossible stunts had been getting more and more insane with each film since the first one was released back in 1996 where he performed a handful of extremely complicated acrobatic moves hanging on wires in the middle of a room like a professional gymnast.

But this was just a five-finger exercise compared to the sequel where he performed some of the most dangerous stunts ever dangling from a vertical cliff and jumping from rock to rock.


Tom Cruise didn’t use any safety net for any of these and he actually get injured by tearing his shoulder after a few risky jumps hundreds of feet above the ground. Some extreme bike stunts were also included in the same film.

Mission Impossible 3 directed by J.J. Abrams definitely raised the bar even more with another series full of breath-taking scenes. This time Cruise cracked only a couple of ribs during his stunts. In one particular scene, he was literally an inch away from “a huge disaster” as Abrams explains.

Unlike MI:3 where Tom Cruise jumps off a computer generated building, in Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible 4 the actor actually runs down the side of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. And he did it with the confidence for which many seasoned professionals might get jealous. I still can remember the churning feeling in my stomach watching the movie in the local IMAX theater. Indeed, it’s possibly one of the most spectacular stunts in movie history.


Mission Impossible 5 is now in cinemas and it promises even more insane stunts. From hanging on to the outside of a cargo plane as it takes off and flies around to a jump from a 120-foot ledge, Tom Cruise is again pushing his limits and taking the performance to the next level.

As for the stunts, it’s worth mentioning that MI:5 is the first movie in which Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt in every single shot and we really don’t have a reason to doubt this statement.

What are some of your favorite movie stunts in other films? Share in the comments below.

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