Add More Dynamics to Your Edits with This Animated Font Template For After Effects

The possibilities of creating some engaging title animations in After Effects are limitless, yet only if you have enough knowledge and time to spend working on them. Of course, there are always workarounds that can improve your workflow and make it a way more efficient and time-effective.

Using some custom animated font templates is certainly one of the possible ways to go. Guys from RocketStock are giving away plenty of free stuff that can be downloaded right away from their site here. If you haven’t tested them out yet you can do this with the following free animated font template that can be further tweaked and customised as well.

Free After Effects Template: ‘Helvetica Neue’ Animated Font from RocketStock on Vimeo.

To use the template, you’ll need to have Helvetica Neue Bold downloaded and installed onto your computer in advance. Each animation is timed out to last 10 seconds, but if you want it to stay up longer you can use the Time Remapping in After Effects to extend the duration of the animation as long as you like. The template comes with 43 unique compositions representing every letter, number, and most major punctuation marks.

Among other free assets of the RocketStock, you will also find the 4K Light Leaks that are another wonderful way to customise and spice up your high-resolution edits. The package includes subtle and organic shot in-camera light effects that can be integrated into your project seamlessly and effortlessly, no matter if you are working with After Effects or any other popular NLE.

13 Free 4K Light Leaks from RocketStock on Vimeo.

In the Free Stuff section of the RocketStock site you’ll also find the popular VHS Look AE template, Split Layer template, Digital  Distortion template and many others. The company also offers other high-quality and reasonably priced AE templates that also might be beneficial for creative people looking for an easy and straightforward way to improve and customise their projects.

On the RocketStock website, you’ll also find different tutorials and techniques how to optimise and stylise these templates and use them in various situations depending on the desired look and projects’ requirements and specifications you need to deal with. So, it’s definitely a helpful resource that you may want to take a look at.

[source: RocketStock]

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