Another Mind-Boggling Footage Shot on Canon’s New Ultra-Sensitive Camera the ME20F-SH

Whether we like it or not, it’s an undeniable fact that recent camera technology is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we perceive the entire world around us, in a similar way that celluloid changed our culture more than a hundred years ago. It’s ridiculous that cameras like the latest crazy-high ISO prototype ME20F-SH designed by Canon can capture images that we barely can see with our eyes, especially in certain conditions such as extremely dimmed spaces or even in complete darkness.

Not only that, but this camera can reproduce images with their true colours even under these extreme conditions, which was something that we can’t even dream about even a couple of years ago. In the video below, Canon compares footage shot of the billions of stars and galaxies that can be seen up in the sky at night, but this time, the whole thing was filmed in a pitch dark cave.

It’s obvious from the comparison in the video above that the difference between a standard video recording camera and the footage the ME20F-SH delivers is mind-blowing, to say the least, without mentioning the fact that the Canon’s ultra-high  ISO camera provides sensitivity that opens the entire world within the cave that’s not even visible to the naked eye. And, if you assume for a moment that this is the best we can get from the latest technology the Japanese technological giant provides, you’d better think again.

At Canon EXPO Paris 2015 last week, in addition to showcasing the ME20F-SH , Canon was also showing off the powerful ultra-high-resolution 250MP sensor the company unveiled back in September. The video starts out by showing how much detail this new piece of technology can capture. All in all, we can see the incredible flexibility the footage provides in terms of the amount of detail once blown up in post.

On top of that, Canon pushed the technological boundaries even further by developing a new Turbulence Removal technology that reduces the artifacts and fluctuations typical for telephoto shots when viewing something from a great distance.

According to Canon the captured footage has 125 times more resolution than Full HD and 30 times more than 4K video, which makes possible cropping very small portions of the frame while still obtaining crystal clear images with plenty of resolution.

It’s still unclear whether we are going to see this camera sensor integrated into future prosumer models, though. As for the ME20F-SH, the ultra high sensitivity camera is expected to start shipping in December and can be already pre-ordered for $19,999.

[via: Fstoppers, Peta Pixel]

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