New Re-Designed Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider for your DSLR or Compact S35 Camera

Getting a decent camera to produce great video content isn’t really much of an issue these days. With so much choice and continuously lower barriers to entry, it seems like the main part of the equation has been sort of solved. However, it gets really interesting when you start adding bits and piece to the camera of your choice so as to make it “production legal” for a lack of a better word. While getting a solid and dependable tripod and a decent fast zoom lens are usually the first two things on which videomakers spend money right after their camera purchase, if you want to move the camera in a slick and smooth way you have to get yourself a proper slider. And today, of course, much like cameras, there isn’t a shortage of slider options. Getting the right slider for your camera can be tricky, but once you do, it can last you a long time and give you a significant boost to the quality of your video productions.


In comes the latest Duzi 4 slider from Cinevate. The 4th iteration of the company’s popular slider is about an inch wider than the previous versions, however for the most part with a few notable exceptions that we’ll get to in a second, the Duzi 4 should be a familiar design to anyone who’s ever used any of the previous models. The slider is pretty light as its based off of carbon fibre rails with optional all-terrain feet, which on this model have been redesigned so they can be tucked way neatly without having to be taken-off the slider completely. This is a major improvement that was prompted by user feedback.

Cinevate Duzi 4 Integrated Flywheel

The other major new improvement to Duzi 4 is of course the integrated aluminium flywheel on the carriage itself. This is a very neat design as it eliminates the need for belts, which most other fly-wheel based sliders have in order to help you get smoother moves, which isn’t easy with inferior belt-driven sliders, so even worse with such without any form of drag control mechanism.

The Cinevate Duzi 4 comes two versions – one is a 24-inch ($459 at B&H) and the other a bit longer at 32-inches ($489 at B&H). The Duzi 4 ships with the fly-wheel, which is also removable. The new all-terrain legs for Duzi 4 are an optional accessory currently priced at $125 USD.

Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider Features

  • On-board Flywheel
  • Lightweight & rigid, solid carbon rails
  • Load capacity (100 lbs)
  • Micro adjustable rollers increase precision of slides
  • Centre mounted ball feet to increase strength and stability
  • Integrated Bumpers on End Blocks
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Crafted from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
  • Compact 24 and 32 inch lengths
  • 8 precision roller bearings
  • Center and side mounting tripod options
  • Micro adjusting urethane ball feet
  • Brake easily secures camera anywhere on the rails
  • Cheesed-out top and bottom plate
  • Compatible with Modo – motion timelapse system

The Duzi sliders from Cinevate are going from strength to strength with each model up, and the Duzi 4 is no different. The integrated flywheel seems like a huge deal for hands-free smooth shots regardless of whether you use “rigged” cameras, instead of barebones DSLR/mirrorless and lens combos. Get yours via the links below.

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