The Custom CONNEX Mini Transmitter/Receiver System Provides No Latency Wireless HD Video Feed Up to Four Devices Simultaneously

Initially designed for consumer drone applications and aerial videography in mind, the affordable CONNEX Mini HD Video Link provides a set of high-end features that currently can be only found on more expensive professional systems on the market. The unit builds on its predecessor the CONNEX Transmitter/Receiver that boasts real 1080p encrypted and secured 5GHz wireless video transmission up to 60fps by supporting a range of up to 3300ft (1000m) with almost no latency. The latest system comes in a much smaller size, though, as it requires less power, streams video up to 1600ft and has a significantly improved cooling system in comparison to the original CONNEX. The CONNEX Mini utilizes automatic channel selection that ensures resilient connectivity, free from interference, specifically from UAV controls and 2.4GHz links. Emm of Cheesycam will walk us through the pros and cons of the new Amimon CONNEX Mini Wireless HD Video system in the quick video review below.

To optimize the system even further, US-based company Camera Motion Research has created additional accessories that turn the CONNEX Mini into a more appealing solution to video shooters who need a robust wireless HD connection in any production environment or venue. Beyond that, the small and lightweight package includes a multicast feature that supports up to four screens simultaneously, each receiving flawless HD stream in real-time.

This is extremely convenient and neat feature when you want to stream a video feed from your camera to your second AC, director, producer or client simultaneously. The main drawback of the system, though, is the inability to stream audio signal, so you have to find an alternative solution for that particular purpose. Considering the fact that most productions these days use separate audio systems to record sound, this shouldn’t be a big deal breaker, but it’s certainly something you should bear in mind.


You’ll also need a proper HDMI to SDI converter in case you want to utilize the SDI output of your camera since the system provides HDMI connection only. Besides that, the Camera Motion Research Accessory Pack includes all the bits and pieces you’ll need to make the CONNEX Mini a full-fledged wireless HD set including Transmitter cage and battery support, cold shoe mounting adaptor, standard HDMI adaptor, cables, batteries, spare mounting screws and more.

All in all, the custom CONNEX Mini system comes with highly competitive and attractive retail price of $1,299 offering features you can find on other high-end professional systems costing three times more. Just as a reference, the HDMI-only version of the recently introduced Teradek Bolt 500 that also transmits 1080p/60fps video, but is limited to 500ft only, costs $2,990. The CONNEX Mini, on the other hand, provides a wider range along with similar features and form factor that can be extremely useful on multiple occasions where the long-range full-HD video transmission capabilities with zero latency are a paramount consideration.

[source: MrCheesyCam]

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Amimon CONNEX Mini HD Video Link for UAVs

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