The Grip-Box Revolutionizes Camera Movement Both in the Air and on the Ground

Smooth camera movement has become quite the norm in modern filmmaking and for a reason. There is a myriad of professional tools currently available on the market that offer some sort of image stabilization. Now even cameras come equipped with more advanced internal image stabilization systems than the rest of their internals.

As an aspiring filmmaker, you can choose from hundreds of tools depending on whether you need a stabilization device for shooting on the ground or for capturing some breathtaking aerial shots from the air. The guys at R-Motions, however, have come up with a bit different concept that combines the best of both worlds. Their latest Grip-Box seems to be the ultimate solution for moving your camera both in the air and on the ground. Or at least, that’s what they claim.

Demo Grip-Box 2017 – Provisional from R-Motions on Vimeo.

In essence, the Grip-Box is a full-fledged cablecam and rail system that features all sorts of accessories required to perform multiple camera movements in the field. What’s more, the combo is designed to carry on not only conventional cameras but also a wide range of accessories such as small gyro-stabilized heads from companies like Stabe-One, MöVI, Ronin, Newton along with larger units up to a total weight of 35 Kg.

According to R-Motions, this piece of technology allows creative professionals to lower production costs with its ease of use and quick setup times. The system is a reliable, lightweight and versatile solution that could easily fit the needs of creative professionals who want to achieve some complex smooth camera movements while working on a shoestring budget.

You just need to equip the system with the accessory that defines its use. The Box itself can be attached anywhere in several different ways. The setup and installation are relatively simple and intuitive and are designed so that they can save time and effort on set. Apparently, the system was already used in a few commercial productions as the results can be clearly seen in the video demo above.

It’s also worth noting that the creators of the system are currently working on a more compact and lightweight version of the original Grip-Box which should be a more practical and flexible solution for small independent crews who still want to perform some complex camera movements on the fly. If you want to learn more about the products and its creators, head over to R-Motions official website for further details and rental quotes.

[source: R-Motions, via: Cinescopophilia]

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