A Dirt Cheap DIY Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Your Mavic Pro

The concept of capturing some high-quality cinematic videos with the DJI Mavic Pro not only in the air but also on the ground becomes more and more popular with the advent of tools like the Katana Mavic Tray that basically lets you convert your Mavic quadcopter into a reliable handheld camera system.

It seems that Joshua Carlton has come up with an even cheaper solution that offers the same functionality as the Katana Mavic Tray but for twice as less money. In the video below he showcases how you can make a handheld mount for your Mavic Pro with a few dirt cheap items in no time.

All you need to put this DIY gimbal together is a Zeadio C Grip, a velcro strap along with a cheap selfie stick mount. You can use the velcro strap to adhere the Mavic Pro to the Zeadio C Grip whereas the selfie stick mount goes on top. Don’t forget to put the Mavic into WiFi mode to be able to tether it to your phone. All in all, you can put together this setup for less than $25 which is half the price the Katana Mavic Tray currently sells for.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how reliable and efficient this combo could be in a real-world situation, especially considering that your drone is secured only by a velcro strap, but if you need a dirt cheap solution to shoot with your Mavic Pro on the ground, this combo should be just fine for the job. Keep in mind, though, that you will have the same problems with the vertical movements just as with the Katana Tray so you’ll need to control your pace, bend your knees and concentrate on controlling the up and down movement while framing your shot.

Of course, you can always spend $30 more to get the Katana Mavic Tray if you prefer to use two grips to hold the quadcopter securely in position. Either way, it’s great to have another dirt cheap DIY option for shooting with the DJI Mavic Pro that not only increases its versatility further by turning it into a stabilized handheld shooting platform but also provides more creative options when it comes to capturing smooth, cinematic videos on the ground.

[source: Joshua Carlton]

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