Dual Monitor 2017 MacBook Pro Travel Setup for Your Consideration

Typically, as a video editor, you would have the luxury of using your desktop computer of choice with a vast array of storage devices, hardware surfaces, dedicated keyboards, monitors, and whatnot. While this may be the case most of the time, any self-respecting editor would have to agree that the number one drawback of having to edit on the fly – whether it be during a layover at the airport or covering a major event such as the upcoming IBC – would be the lack of screen real estate and the absurd amount of peripherals that need to be brought along.

Besides the actual editing, finding a laptop that provides optimal resolution, ports, and portability poses another additional challenge. And yes, while Apple’s MacBook Pro is a highly-recommended system for professionals, it still comes with the drawbacks of any other laptop as limited battery life, screen space, and ports. That’s why highly-acclaimed tech enthusiast Jonathan Morrison has created what he believes to be the ultimate dual monitor setup for your MacBook Pro, promising portability and increased efficiency for content creators working on the go.

In regards to the accessories shown in this configuration (especially the monitor), the primary goal was to create a rig that was self-contained, meaning that you can power all your devices through the USB-C port on your MacBook Pro, rather than a wall outlet.

For the monitor, Jonathan recommends the ASUS MB169C+. This portable, sturdy monitor has a full 1080p 15.6-inch screen with an IPS-Type panel with wide viewing angles. Best of all, both the video and power signals run through one single cable that attaches to any of the MacBook Pro’s USB-C port.

Although this is the monitor that Jonathan recommends in the video, he also notes that Asus did release a newer model of the monitor known as the ZenScreen MB16AC. It’s got a slightly different design and does hold a heftier price tag but if you want to save some extra cash, going with the MB169C+ may still be the way to go.

It is also worth noting that while the ASUS MB169C+ does include a carrying case that acts as a monitor stand, it’s not very stable nor stylish. Therefore, Jonathan recommends the Bluelounge Universal Tablet Stand as a more aesthetically pleasing and functional alternative.

Besides the monitor itself, using an external mouse has proven to improve editing efficiency compared to using the laptop’s built-in trackpad. For this particular task, the Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse seems to be one of the best out there. The mouse is widely recognized for its ergonomic design and thanks to its wireless connection capability, you have one less cable that you need to worry about.

For external storage, which is a must-have for all editors, the Samsung T3 Portable SSD (or the recently announced T5) is what you want. Unlike traditional external storage devices (like those made my Seagate and Western Digital), the T3 by Samsung uses flash storage for drastically faster file read and write speeds, taking advantage of the capabilities of USB Type-C. While you do gain a significant speed advantage, keep in mind that this luxury will cost you a lot more than a traditional hard disk based portable external storage solution.

To extend the life of your computer (especially while it’s powering all your external devices), you can take advantage of the power input capabilities of the USB-C port on your MacBook by investing in a power bank such as the Anker PowerCore 26800. With a 26800mAh capacity battery, this will be enough to give your extra computer life as you edit your art. Not only does the battery bank work with your laptop, but the PowerCore’s additional USB ports can be used for your other portable devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

Lastly, you’ll need a spacious yet comfortable bag to carry not just your laptop, but all the accessories you’d want to bring along. For that task, turn to the OnePlus Travel Backpack. Not only is it fashion forward, but the roomy interior coupled with quality craftsmanship will be enough to give you confidence as you cradle your portable editing workstation wherever you go.

[source: Jonathan Morrison]

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