GoPro HERO6 vs. Sony RX0 – Which One is the Better Camera for You?

Competition is definitely heating up in the vlogging camera market with notable releases from both Sony and GoPro. Earlier this year, both companies managed to release cameras that targeted those content creators and sports enthusiasts in need of small form factor units for use in shooting situations such as vlogging, making travel videos or filming action sports.

These include the new Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera and the latest iteration of the GoPro – HERO6. With similar shooting specs and form factor, it’s no surprise that the two rivals have attracted the attention of those videographers who are looking into purchasing the products predominantly for vlogging purposes. That being said, it’s curious to see how do these counterparts stack up against each other in a real-world environment.

The following video by the YouTube Channel Making it Happen Vlog compares the RX0 and HERO6 to figure out which would reign supreme for vloggers in need of a new camera. In this particular series of tests, each camera was used throughout a day in typical vlogging situations – from outdoor walks and runs to low-light nighttime activities. Additionally, the video focuses on picture quality, slow-motion recording abilities, and general usability.

Regarding the latter aspect, both cameras worked okay but had their own issues. According to Mike, navigating the menus of the RX0 turned out to be pretty cumbersome, making it difficult to access features such as high frame rate recording. Meanwhile, both the RX0 and the HERO6 crashed several times throughout the day, which is something that you should expect to happen occasionally.

Looking at the picture quality of both cameras, they each perform exceptionally well by offering sharp and clean images both in and outdoors. Personally, I like more the color rendition of the GoPro, although it’s worth noting that for shots that seem a little busier (have more objects in the frame), the RX0 has a slight edge over the HERO6 with sharper image quality.

Furthermore, the image stabilization of the GoPro camera is much more advanced and produces smoother footage, especially prevalent in the walking and running shots. Another image aspect that the HERO6 outperforms the RX0 is in regards to dynamic range, giving filmmakers peace of mind when shooting in lighting conditions that heavily contrast dark and light subjects (i.e., shooting the front of a window).

If you’re concerned about low-light performance, both cameras again do their job well, although the RX0, in particular, is slightly better than the HERO6 with its ability to provide an image that has a bit more detail in the shadows/dark areas of nighttime footage.

When it comes to high frame rate shooting, both cameras offer the feature, again with some setbacks. While both units can shoot overcranked videos, the RX0 only allows you to record 120fps at 720p, which may be disappointing for some users. Unlike its rival, the HERO6 shoots 120fps at full 1080p, although the footage shows increased signs of moiré in comparison to the RX0.

In the end, the decision as to whether you should pick the RX0 or the HERO6 is purely subjective and will depend entirely on your personal needs and requirements as a videographer.  All in all, the RX0 is not meant to be an action camera like a GoPro. It’s more like a small production camera which is why, for instance, it has the ability to sync with multiple RX0s.

So, if you’re looking for an action camera that has renowned weather-proofing and is slated to handle very rough environments, the HERO6 is the better option out of the two while also delivering excellent image quality. For those who are doing less extreme shoots such as vlogging, apparently, the functionality of the RX0 will be more than enough to get the job done.

[source: Making it happen Vlog]

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