That’s How You Change the Entire Lighting of Your Scene in Resolve 14 + Special Holiday Sale

After hours of countless editing and visual effects compositing, it turns out that you could spend even more time when it comes to color grading and fine-tuning the final look of your project. Luckily, DaVinci Resolve 14 makes the process relatively simple and straightforward, especially if you already know the ins and outs of the platform.

Overall, the software gives creative professionals some fantastic tools and assets to boost their creativity and manipulate colors in virtually any way possible. What’s more, one can go a step further and fundamentally change the look of an entire scene by simply modifying its lighting. Here’s how you can do so by following the simple steps covered in this insightful tutorial produced by seasoned colorist Alex Jordan, the founder of Learn Color Grading and Film Simplified.

In a nutshell, the video above explains how you can use the RGB mixer to isolate colors and change the luminance (brightness) to manipulate the lighting of your shots. This technique is mainly useful for videos where one color is predominant (for instance a bight blue sky that you want to visually balance).

To get started, you first need to import your footage in Resolve 14 and open up the RGB Mixer panel. Within you’ll find three sets of sliders, each for the red, green, and blue channels of your image. Before you continue, make sure to deselect the Monochrome checkbox at the bottom of the panel to be able to view your image with color.

The next step is to create a Layer Node. Now, to allow the Layer Node to affect your footage, right click on the Layer Mixer on the right-hand side, go to Composite Mode and choose Color. That way, DaVinci Resolve will use only the color information provided by the Layer Node and mix it with the luminance of the image controlled by the existing layer.

Afterward, you can tweak the look of your footage using the RGB mixer. To reduce the brightness of the sky, for instance, (or any other blue color in the image), take the blue slider of your blue output set of mixers and drag it down. You’ll notice that areas of the image that are blue will increase/decrease in brightness depending on your adjustments. All in all, this same technique can be applied to any color, thus allowing you to change the entire mood of your scene.

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[source: Learn Color Grading]

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