Overhauled SYRP Genie II Now Boasts Advanced Multi-Axes Motion Controls, Various Shooting Modes and Much More

According to Syrp, the brand new Genie II is stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor built with the same attention to simplicity, portability, and detail. Considering what we generally know about the Syrp products, there’s no reason not to believe that. Among the many new additions on the Genie II users will be able to find full keyframe setup for time-lapse sequences, full camera control, live view functionality, high-speed wireless connection, multi-axis movement and much more.

The overhauled 3-axis motion control system also comes equipped with a new quick release plate, joystick driven live movement control, convenient onboard LCD screen, removable battery, USB-C ports alongside WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Best of all, you can now shoot 3-axis motion control time-lapse and video while programming everything directly from the Syrp genie App or the onboard LCD on the Genie II Pan Tilt drive.

Speaking of the Syrp Genie App, it’s been completely redesigned from the ground up just like the Genie itself. Now, you can adjust the course and speed of your move with the Genie II’s keyframing feature. Each axis can be set up and controlled independently for complex video and time-lapse movement. You can also get a time-lapse preview on the fly while shooting your motion videos.

Furthermore, users can control the camera’s ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings directly from the app. For instance, you can ramp your exposure automatically when filming in a quickly changing light environment, thus resulting in less corrupted timelapse sequences due to sudden light changes.

Creative professionals can also set up multi-row Panorama, 360-Timelapse and HDR Timelapse shots directly from the app using the Pan Tilt Drive and create high-resolution images with the tap of a button. Additionally, Genie II offers live movement control on both Linear and Pan Tilt drives with easy-to-use joysticks for further convenience and greater control.

Regarding Genie II integration and compatibility, you can adapt the device to virtually any slider system available out there along with the Linear Drive for a lower profile and more powerful two and three axis motion control setup for unique motion control moves. Genie II is also compatible with dollies, cable cams and any of your DIY gear.

The Syrp Gini II should hit the marker in June 2018 starting at $899. You can already pre-order the entire system or any of the modules directly on Syrp’s official site or contact authorized resellers for further information.

[source: Syrp]

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