First Footage Captured on the Kinefinity MAVO 6K Camera Emerges

Less than two weeks after the Chinese budget camera maker Kinefinity unveiled its brand new 6K MAVO LF camera, the company releases the very first sample footage captured on the device. As a reminder, the newcomer sports a full-frame (36 x 24mm) 6K CMOS sensor with a max resolution of 6K+ (6016 x 4016) and 14+ stops of DR with a base ISO 1600.

Additionally, there’s an S35 version of the camera that comes equipped with a slightly smaller chip that virtually provides the same capabilities and feature set with the only difference being its base ISO (800 instead of 1600). Unlike the TERRA siblings, MAVO LF and MAVO S35 are both capable of capturing CinemaDNG Raw directly in-camera as well as 12bit ProRes 4444 XQ, 444, and 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy as internal recording formats in addition to the familiar KineRaw or KRW 2.0.

Camera: MAVO + EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer; Lens: Zeiss Milvus Prime set;
Record format: 6K@25fps, ProRes422HQ, ISO@800~2000;
Cameraman and graded by: Youfeng (Resolve)

Camera: MAVO + PL Mounting Adapter; Lens: MAVO Prime Set;
Record Formats: 6K@50fps, ProRes422HQ, ISO@400~1280;
Cameraman, Graded by: Youfeng (Resolve)

The sample clips used for the quick edit above were downscaled to 4K from the original 5760 x 3240 ProRes 422 files. According to Matt Allard from Newsshooter who put together the actual video, there are no other color corrections applied to the footage rather than the Kinefinity’s LUT provided with the original clips.

Even though there are just a few samples available for download, the images look pretty clean and sharp. Of course, it’s hard to make any solid conclusions regarding the overall potential of the camera, but at least you can play around with the existing clips and decide for yourself. Kinefinity promises to share more footage as soon as it becomes available, so make sure you check out the company’s official website for new updates on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, here are the download links to the 6K clips that you can download and test out right away –  Four 6K MAVO ProRes ClipsTwo 6K MAVO ProRes Clips.

[source: Kinefinity, via: Newsshooter]

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