Download This Free Glitch Transition Preset Pack for Premiere Pro CC

If you’re on the hunt for any cool and intriguing visual effect transitions for Premiere Pro CC, you may want to check out this newly released preset pack from Orange83.

With several easy-to-use transitions to choose from, the Glitch Transition Pack is perfect for anyone aiming to add some flair to their creative work. In the pack, there are six unique transition templates that vary in glitch intensity and color effects giving you a handful of options that will best suit your production needs.

To get the custom preset, you’ll need to download it from the Orange83’s website first. However, if you’d like to support all the work done by Orange83, consider making a small donation. You can also check out some of the other preset packs available there.

Once you’ve downloaded the provided .prfpse file, open up Premiere Pro CC, import your footage and add your clips to the timeline. In the Effects panel, find the Presets folder and by right clicking, select Import Presets. Navigate to the Premiere Pro preset file you’ve just downloaded and then click Import. Once you complete this step, you’ll find the Orange83 subfolder located in the Preset Browser on the left.

With the transition pack imported, you will notice several variations of the glitch transitions (i.e., ten frames, eight frames). Since the custom preset is not an actual Premiere Pro CC transition, a little bit of DIY work is required on your part.

To use the effects, you’re going to need to make two cuts. First, make a cut five frames before the end of clip A. Afterward, make a cut five frames after the start of the second clip (Clip B). You should now have two clips that make ten frames in total. Select both pieces and create a nested sequence.

Finally, apply any of the transitions from the pack as you’d like, as long as the stated duration is ten frames. If you want to pick an effect with a different length (i.e., eight frames), you’ll need to repeat the steps outlined above by changing the cuts’ duration accordingly.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who’s well acquainted with Premiere Pro’s various effects properties, you have the option to make any changes to the looks for the transition by clicking on the nested sequence you created and going into the Effects Properties panel.

From there, you can make any adjustments to the available settings to your taste. Best of all, you can use the glitch preset for any video editing project or commercial application without any restrictions whatsoever. To get the free Glitch Transition Pack, simply use the following link.

[source: Orange83]

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