Download These Dope Sam Kolder Style Free Premiere Pro Transitions

There’s no denying that a lot of effort is required to take a travel/montage video from good to great. Besides having well-composed shots and a killer soundtrack, transitions between cuts are another essential element that can elevate the production value of your edits and make them stand out from the crowd.

Those of you who are familiar with the work of famous YouTuber Sam Kolder should know well that mastering the art of creating appealing and engaging transitions is one of the secret ingredients behind his travel videos’ success.

So, if you’re someone who’s looking to mimic the style of creative professionals like Kolder, you might want to try out this free smooth transitions preset pack for Premiere Pro CC created by Ankit Bhatia. Inside of the package, you’ll find ten unique effects that you can use for your own video projects. Best of all, you can download them absolutely free of charge right away.

Before using the preset pack, however, you’ll need to set up a few things in advance. First, download the package, open the zip file and uncompress the content. Next, head over to the Effects panel inside of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, right click on the Presets folder and choose Import Presets.

After that, navigate to the 10 Free Smooth Transition Pack – Ankit Bhatia Films.prfpset and click open. You should now see the complete preset pack inside of the Presets folder. Since this is a third-party preset, keep in mind that the process of using the provided assets is not as straightforward as using Premiere’s built-in transitions.

That being said, choose which transition you’d like to use. Depending on the file you’ve selected, you should see the name of the transition followed by the number of frames required to cut in parentheses. For instance, the Slide Down requires 20 frames. This means that between the two clips your transition from, you’ll need to make a cut ten frames before the end of the first clip and ten frames after the start of the second clip.

Once you’ve made the necessary tweaks, create an adjustment layer that spans the duration of the cuts from start to end. Next, apply the desired transition to the adjustment layer. The last step is to add the Base Preset to the clips where the edit was made (the last ten frames in the first clip, the first ten frames in the second clip).

Even though using the presets may take a bit of time to implement, the effort put in will be definitely worth it in the end. With the Smooth Transition Pack, you’ll get a bunch of unique-looking and fast-paced transitions that will surely add a whole other level of visual appeal to your videos. From spins to slides, whips to zooms, Bhatia’s pack will surely impress many video editors and audiences alike.

[source: Ankit Bhatia]

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