KinoFlo TrueMatch Firmware 3.0 adds Lighting Effects to Celeb, FreeStyle and Diva-Lite LED Lights

Kino Flo have released their TrueMatch Firmware 3.0 introducing eight new lighting effects (FX) modes, including a version of Lightning called “Frankenstein” for their Celeb, FreeStyle and Diva-Lite LED line-ups.

TrueMatch 3.0 transforms Kino Flo LED’s into Candle, Fire, TV, Police, Lightning, Paparazzi, Pulse and Scroll effects simulators with the press of a button, thanks to the powerful on-board processing built into these lights. Each special effects mode comes with a choice of FX types. Lightning, for example, has a “Storm” and “Frankenstein” variety giving DPs and filmmakers more creative ways to express their vision.

The Storm effect is modelled on the rate and amplitude of thunderstorm strikes, and Frankenstein displays brighter, more cinematic light flashes. There is also rate control, and a cue feature using the power button. The new firmware is free, and it for those who saw the demo version at BSC, BVE and the finalized version at Cine Gear, it’s kind of like having an FX lighting console built into every LED controller.

Kino Flo diva lite 21 led cirro lite bve 2018

Presets in the TV setting, for example, are the result of hours measuring light and colour variations on TV monitors throughout a programming day. In TV “Sports” setting, the lighting effect is bias in cooler, deeper saturated blues and greens, and the light variation simulates outdoor sporting action, such as football or rugby events. The TV mode also comes with “Movie” and “Music Video” pre-programmed lighting scenarios.

All eight of the FX modes have four memory buttons to store custom lighting effects, for a total of 32 FX presets.

“We wanted to take some of the same lighting effects that board operators program remotely for motion picture or television productions and make the effects accessible onboard our Celeb, FreeStyle and Diva-Lite LED products,” said Frieder Hochheim, president and founder of Kino Flo Lighting Systems. “We will continue to add features like FX lighting to our LED lighting systems to ensure customer’s Kino Flo lighting tools stay sharp.”

These are the effects the FX modes give you:

  • Candle
    • Simulates a candle flame.
    • It has “Interior” and a “Breeze” settings.
    • Interior is a typical, small candle flicker.
    • Breeze flickers as well, but with larger jumps in brightness.
  • Fire
    • Light mimics an open fire.
    • Pre-programmed under Fire is “Fire Pit” and “Gas Fireplace”.
  • Police
    • Simulates police and emergency vehicle flashing lights.
    • The five types are:
      • “Blue + Red”;
      • “Red”;
      • “Yellow”;
      • “Blue + White + Red”;
      • “Blue”.
  • Paparazzi
    • Simulates random still photo camera flashes.
    • Comes with “Red Carpet” and “Stalker”.
    • Red Carpet has very quick, frequent and random flashes.
    • Stalker flashes less frequently, with longer pauses between bursts.
    • You can also use the Power button to cue flash effects.
  • Pulse
    • Repeats colours, like a flashing neon sign.
    • There are no pre-programmed types for Pulse.
    • Parameters are set by using the” Hue”, “Saturation”, “Rate”, and “Length” (LEN) controls in the Pulse mode menu.
  • Scroll
    • Light changes over a period of time.
    • Like Pulse, there are no preset FX lighting types, but parameters are set using the “Time” and “Saturation” (SAT) controls in the Scroll mode menu.

Applicable Kino Flo models:

  • Celeb 250, 450, 450Q, 850
  • Diva-Lite 41/31/21 & 30/20
  • FreeStyle 41/31/21
  • Select 30/20

Kino Flo DIva LED 21

In addition to the exciting new FX features, Kino Flo’s True Match® 3.0 firmware includes other light control enhancements, such as an adjustable Frequency setting, dual Antenna controls for DMX wireless reception, colour value sharing, and refined DMX dimming.

The default frequency setting on Kino Flo LED controllers is 30kHz, which generally is flicker free for most productions shooting up to 240fps. However, with the new firmware, the frequency can be dialed-up to 300kHz when shooting at higher frame rates and shutter speeds.

For clear, stable DMX wireless reception, Kino Flo LED’s come with 2x built in antennae. With TrueMatch 3.0, users can manually select the smaller, internal #1 PCB (printed circuit board) antenna, or elect to stay with the #2 EXT (external) antenna, the more powerful of the two antennae.

New mode features within the General Menu allow users to translate RGB values to Hue & Saturation values, and to make other settings changes that take effect only after exiting the General Menu.

Freestyle 31 Kino Flo

Dimming & Color Consistency

Kino Flo has refined further its LED dimming and colour controls. Already the leader in smooth, flicker free dimming systems, the new firmware profile ensures colour compatibility from fixture to fixture even when light levels vary widely.

The industry has been asking for LED fixtures with a consistent, controlled dimming curve that doesn’t affect the colour saturation when moving between 100% and 1% light output. The latest firmware update to the Kino Flo line of fixtures ensures a superior level of consistency.

Check out our coverage of Kino Flo products at BSC Expo and BVE 2018 in case you missed it.

To download TrueMatch Firmware 3.0 and learn more about it head over to Kino Flo here.

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