Sony VENICE Firmware 2.0 Officially Released

Earlier today, Sony announced that the highly anticipated Firmware version 2.0 for their top-tier Sony VENICE 6K FF CineAlta camera is now available for download a full month ahead of schedule (as previously reported here).

Sony are really pushing the new VENICE with major announcements of the VENICE being used for specialty 3D rigs on huge Hollywood franchises such as the AVATAR sequels as announced at Cine Gear 2018 in addition to getting the camera on the radar of DPs shooting high-end content – be it commercials and/or feature films; it is no wonder that a few of the Zeiss Supreme primes promo shorts were shot on the VENICE; sure there are not many “large format” cine cameras out there, but from what I saw at the Zeiss Supreme Event in London a few weeks back on a big screen – the VENICE footage looked delicious.

Initially meant for an August release, Firmware 2.0 is now available giving current and future Sony VENICE users access to the new Dual native ISO (500/2500) as well as a variety of new sensor imager modes such as 4K anamorphic, 6K 3:2, in addition to unlocking the E-mount hiding beneath the PL mount, allowing for further access to a variety of G-Master and other high-quality lenses in the native E-mount.

Sony Venice

New in Firmware 2.0 for Sony VENICE

  • New Imager modes
    • 4K 6:5 Anamorphic
    • 4K 4:3 Anamorphic 25p 29p
    • 6K 1.85:1
    • 6K 17:9
    • 6K 3:2 25p
    • 6K 3:2 In-camera playback
  • Supporting Lens mount
    • E-mount (lever lock type)
  • Recording format
    • Apple ProRes HQ/422/Proxy to SxS
  • Simul. Rec combination
    • RAW / X-OCN and Apple ProRes
  • Shooting function
    • Select FPS
    • Dual Base ISO (500/2500)
  • Monitor Out function
    • Additional preset MLUTs
    • User 3DLUT
  • Shooting Assist functions
    • Surround View
    • Dot by Dot Magnification
    • Auto White Balance
    • High-Lo Key
    • False Color in VF
  • Hardware
    • Operator side CLIPS button
  • Network
    • Wired LAN control (partial)

Sony Firmware 2.0 Venice

Dual base ISO is a big deal in Firmware 2.0, and one can almost say – it is the main event. Thanks to this new functionality, the Sony VENICE will support high Base ISO of 2500 in addition to existing ISO of 500, taking full advantage of Sony’s unique sensor for improved low light performance with exceptional dynamic range from +6 stops to -9 stops as measured at 18% middle gray.

This increases exposure indexes at higher ISOs for night exteriors, dark interiors, working with slower lenses or where content needs to be graded in High Dynamic Range, while maintaining the maximum shadow details.

Sony Venice FF 6K 4K Anamorphic

Those of you who want higher frame rates in the VENICE will have to wait for 2019, when Sony is planning to release an optional paid upgrade to support high frame rate – targeting speeds 6K/60fps, 4K/90fps, and up to 120 fps in 2K.

To download firmware 2.0 for the Sony VENICE head over to this link.

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