Check Out This Dope Video Editing Standing Desk Setup

The great spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to all the people working in our industry. Big productions are pushing movie releases by months, some will even shift directly to next year while small productions are struggling to make ends meet in this insane chaos that has fallen over the whole world.

But this can be the moment to take a breath and try to do a makeover of your office and make a more pleasant space for you and your collaborators. And if you’re currently working from home, then you should consider that even more seriously. Far too often it happens that we build one step on top of the other without having a master plan in mind, so our home desks look like some rooked towers.

Sarah Dietschy is well known for her wonderful setups. Here we can see her home video editing suite in New York, where she has an awesome standing desk. Let’s take a look!

Before we dive right in, here are all bits and pieces you’ll need for this setup.

#1 – The desk

Having a clean desk is a must if you need to get some productive work done. In this case, Sarah opted for the Jarvis Standing desk by Fully. The unit can swiftly move from a standing position to a more common sitting one while doing so quickly and without those hissing motor sounds that you’ll hear on cheaper brands.

The desk is sturdy and can easily hold the humongous monitor put on top. The glossy finish is not only clean and relaxing but it’s whiteboard-like. That’s right, get your markers, the post-it era is over, now all your notes will go straight on the desk.

#2 – The storage

Under a desk, you’ll always need some storage space. All those cables and techie knick-knacks we all have lying around are better stored somewhere rather than dangling around. Again, a clean space is very helpful when trying to be productive. If it’s a design piece, well, then even better.

These setups have a lot of space and a nice opening system. So, do not forego the importance of properly managing all the clutter and the small pieces of gear you have lying around.

#3 – The monitor

Now it’s time for the “piece the resistance”, the heart of the entire setup. That’s the 49WL95C-W UltraWide monitor by LG. When the first ultra-wide units appeared on the market, many thought that this trend was a fad destined to disappear quickly.

That has not been the case, apparently. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The amount of real estate that such a display can offer is invaluable for those who work in the post-production realm. You can have your whole editing suite opened up, multiple bins, color panels alongside a couple of windows more with ease.

#4 – The stand

Now, a word of advice here. The ultra-wide monitor may be a wonderful addition to your editing station, and surely you’ll never even think of going back to a standard dual monitors setup, but you need to be careful in choosing an appropriate stand for the beast.

Sarah uses the Loctek Monitor Mount HEAVY DUTY. It’s right there in the name, it’s a sturdy mount and the 49″ monster is tamed by the strength of this swiveling arm.

So, that was Sarah’s main setup in her office, a complimentary workstation to the iMac she uses at home. Could the ultra-wide monitor be the crown jewel to your setup too? Let us know in the comments!

[source: Sarah Dietschy]

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