Faster Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve with the Tourbox

Everything you can do to speed up your video editing is valuable. The extra time you spend editing is time that could be spent doing even more to improve your projects overall.

Or be spending taking a break so you can improve yourself. Sometimes it’s as simple as tweaking a couple of settings in your NLE or by upgrading your computer. Other times it involves picking up a new control device that lets you power through your common actions in no time at all.

One of these devices is called the Tourbox, from ikan, and Tom Antos is here to explain how he uses it to speed up his workflow while editing in DaVinci Resolve. This one is notable because it is a small addition to your desk and relatively affordable.

Antos points out that this is a very distinct device. What he means is that each control has a different feel to it, allowing muscle memory to take control and make using it even faster.

Basically makes it an extension of the keyboard. It is customizable as well, though the software comes with presets for Photoshop and Lightroom. For video editing you might want to start with Premiere’s built-in option, though a custom programming is going to be ideal.

Other benefits beyond the size are that it is built well. No sliding around and it doesn’t feel flimsy. Again with the layout and texture of the buttons being so varied is nice. This is a huge benefit over many competitors in this area. Not having to look down at it to use it will make you faster.

Using the programming software there are tons of options. You can even dive into setting up double clicks and other actions to do even more. Once you get it set up you can almost just forget about it and just integrate it into your controls.

The TourBox Console software is where you will see all the things you can customize. Tapping the button or control will bring you right to its setting. There are even some open functions on Antos’ configuration since he doesn’t have a need for it yet.

For his preset, he starts with the middle scroll wheel. This is set to zoom in and out of the timeline. I commonly do zooms in an out and this is a nice option.

The left scroll wheel is another timeline thing, this time for scrolling through. It is precise enough to do frame by frame. The left scroll wheel, which is also a button, is set to adjust playback times. You can fast forward or slow everything down. Pressing it will pause the video.

The button underneath the middle wheel is a quick snapping tool. Quick way to turn it on or off. Up top is a simple select all, nice for moving everything at once. Moving to the top right are similar options. The left is select before and right is select after. Another useful tool for making cuts or inserts.

Bottom right has two big buttons. The left is your cursor tool for normal moving around while the right brings up the cutting tool. Two common tools you’ll probably be switching too often in your edit. 

A directional pad on the bottom offers some unique programming. Up will cut and down will paste. Left is to past insert in your timeline and right is to paste attributes. Undo is on the side of the controller, and the way this is set up keeps it out of the way to avoid accidental presses.

I think everyone should learn their keyboard shortcuts first, as many of these options are available there, but if you want a more tactile experience these little controllers can work wonders.

If you already have or are going to pick up a Tourbox, Antos made his preset available for download. Worth a look for somewhere to start off.

[source: Tom Antos]

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