6 New Features in Premiere Pro CC 2021

With so many awesome features that are available to enhance your editing experience inside of Adobe Premiere Pro, it’s understandable that you might have missed a few. Adobe regularly updates their industry-leading editing software with the latest and greatest tools to automate and simplify the various complex tasks of day-to-day video editing.

On top of that, eager editors looking to graze their finger tips along the cutting edge features that the engineers are still tinkering with can get early access to Beta apps inside of Creative Cloud. These beta versions give you a glimpse of what life could be like in just a few short months as Adobe releases these new capabilities into the wild.

There are so many different ways to get it done inside of Premiere Pro, so many ways to save time, and so many things hidden beneath the surface that could make your editing life just a little bit better. Check out these 6 new, sophisticated features that Adobe has been cooking up!

Audio Stock Audio

Adobe Premiere Pro lets you search for, preview, download, and purchase and manage the rights for tracks directly inside of the application! 

We all know how annoying searching for the right track can be on a rushed schedule, and we all have our goto libraries but even though some of the other royalty free music services have plug-ins that make things a little easier, none of them offer as deep a level of integration as Adobe Stock Audio.

Access to this feature is directly inside of the Essential Sound Panel. 

  • Simply go to the Browse tab.
  • You can sort tracks by Mood, Genre, Tempo, Duration, Etc.
  • Preview Tracks with Timeline Sync to see how the song works with your cut.
  • Drag the track into your timeline, or right click to add to project, or save to your local folder or library.

Once your project is locked, you can purchase the tracks you’ve used by clicking on the shopping cart.

There are a lot of stock audio options out there, and the subscription model is growing more and more popular. One issue I’ve always had with subscription music services is that the seem rather limited, and make my edits seem more generic.

Hopefully, as productions come to rely on this feature the catalog grows and grows so we don’t hear the same songs in every commercial.

Scene Edit Detection

Scene Edit Detection scans a master clip and places an edit point everywhere it detects a cut. It can be very useful for anyone who is re-editing a locked master, pulling clips from a reel, or color grading a full resolution master export. 

It saves you oodles of time and is super easy to use.

  • Insert your entire clip onto a timeline
  • Right click the clip and select “Scene Edit Detection”
    • From here you have the options of:
      • Apply a cut a each detected cut point
      • Create a bin of subclips 
      • Create marker at each detected cut point
  • Click Analyze and watch the magic happen

Premiere will scan through the clip and slice it up like a loaf of bread. *That was my analogy about this feature in a previous article, but I don’t think anyone thought it was as clever as I did.

Performance Improvements

Nothing too exciting here, but if you’re a Windows user you’ll see playback speed improvements H.264 and HEVC formats with hardware decoding using AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

Features Announced for Premiere 2021

Did you know that Adobe releases Public beta versions of their Apps? I didn’t!

Inside of the Adobe Cloud application select the Apps tab at the top, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of Categories to find Beta apps. Here you can test out all the new features that are in development for future versions of Premiere Pro.

Don’t worry, this won’t delete your current install of the latest official Premiere Pro version. Just to be safe, don’t use these version for any mission critical work.

Some of the new features you’ll find in Premiere Pro are:

  • Quick Export
    • You’ll see that familiar export, up-arrow icon conveniently located right in the header bar. This does exactly what you think it does, quickly exports your project with easy to read, standardized settings.
  • New Captions Workflow
    • The Captions Workflow has been overhauled to use the Essential Graphics tab, and work almost identically to clips on a timeline.
    • Captions are becoming more and more important for online content as Google indexes text now, making it searchable and getting you more clicks.
  • Speech To Text
    • You can upload the audio from your interviews to Adobe and they will analyze and transcribe it for pennies on the dollar with Adobe Sensei, their machine learning AI.

Its always great to see Adobe refining Premiere Pro and developing news ways to do things, but I personally prefer a good old-fashioned performance enhancement upgrade that improves the usability and speed of my software applications rather than new features that just bloat the software and add to the code. My negativity aside, I think Speech-To-Text and Adobe Stock Audio are two features I’m going to find myself using all the time.

What are your favorite new features in Premiere Pro?

[source: Javier Mercedes]

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