Learn the Art Of Trailer Editing From Professional Hollywood Editors

In 2013, a small team of professional editors in Los Angeles, CA got together to form a new type of training program. They had spent 15 years of trial and error to learn editing skills, working with nearly all the major studios including Universal Pictures, Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, Netflix, HBO, Disney, and Marvel.

The team has quickly realized there was no place to learn real, hands-on, creative editing techniques. For example: How do you sound design a fight scene? How do you build tension into a scare? How do you organize your footage for maximum speed and creativity…etc.? That’s how the Art of Trailer Editing came to life.

There was no reason a good portion of this knowledge couldn’t be distilled down into a digestible format that could be learned in fraction of that time. And so, Film Editing Pro was formed with a simple goal – to openly share the creative techniques of the film, TV, and trailer industries with any student eager to learn.

Starting today through March 10th (closing at 11:59 pm Pacific Time) Film Editing Pro team is holding open enrollment for their best-selling online training course, The Art of Trailer Editing.

The course is tailored towards editors, filmmakers, content creators, marketers, and basically anyone who needs to create teasers, trailers, promos, or other short-form materials.

Best of all, the lessons are designed to be accessible for beginner to advanced editors and the techniques will work with any editing software. Here’s a quick example:

You can sign up to get 3 free lessons (45 minutes of videos) and/or click through to join the full 40+ lesson training program that comes with downloadable practice footage, music, and sound effects.

The full training course includes:

  • 40+ HD trailer editing video lessons
  • The Guided Trailer Editing Workshop
  • 1080p downloadable practice footage with audio splits
  • A 950+ piece trailer editing music & sound library
  • A custom graphics and script pack

And, if you choose the PRO version, you’ll also get:

  • 100+ minutes of behind-the-scenes editor video interviews
  • An additional 1200-piece Pro Trailer Sound Design Pack
  • 4 more trailer deconstruction videos (for all genres)
  • The Pro Graphic & Script Pack (3 extra graphic looks)

Even though an editor might be very comfortable cutting long-format pieces like films, documentaries, tv shows and the like, many aren’t equipped with the tools to cut effective trailers. It’s a completely different set of editing skills.

One of the hardest parts about cutting a trailer or promo is connecting everything together in a way that’s seamless, interesting, and memorable. Get it right, and people will be excited about what comes next. Get it wrong and they probably won’t give you another chance.

Image Credit: Film Editing Pro

The Art of Trailer Editing will teach you how to make your trailers look effortless by connecting seemingly unrelated moments together using editorial finesse to create something that tells a compelling story, feels rhythmically satisfying, and emerges your audience right off the bat.

The sale ends on March 10th at 11:59 pm Pacific Time, so you have less than six days to enroll. You can start right away by signing up for the free trailer editing mini-course here.

[source: Film Editing Pro]

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