5 Free Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

Technology is definitely a huge help to modern creative workflows. Apps are the tools that drive all this technology and now with smartphones and tablets these apps have become essential tools to improve productivity and quality. It’s even better when the apps are both great and free.

Jordy from Cinecom.net has his list of go-to apps that are absolute must-haves for filmmakers. This list is totally free as well and covers a few different aspects of production. If you are looking to improve your workflow with some extra tools this list of five apps is a great place to start looking.

1. Milanote

Available for iOS and Android, Milanote is an organization app that allows you to take your ideas and projects and organize them using boards. This system is a bit more visual than a standard notes app and is a better fit for creative projects that benefit greatly from rich media.

The app is limited, but it syncs with a desktop version that provides templates and a lot more control. You can then share the board with other users and assign tasks and give feedback to one another.

Desktop is where you might do the heavy lifting and then turn to the mobile app for quick adjustments or reviewing things.

2. Frags: Macro-Deck (Android) & Touch Portal (iOS)

Image Credit: Macro Deck

Frags: Macro-Deck for Android and Touch Portal for iOS allow you to create shortcuts or actions and then activate them with the tap of a button on your device’s display.

It requires some work and a PC app to get set up, but it’s a way to create a shortcut keyboard for your editing station without buying a physical device.

3. Mark – Clapperboard (Android) & DSLR Clapperboard (iOS)

Image Credit: DSLR Clapperboard

The next batch are super obvious ones for filmmakers. Mark – Clapperboard for Android and DSLR Clapperboard for iOS are simple, free apps for creating a digital clap board to help sync up all your devices. You can put in your scene and take info, hit the screen to get a tone, and that’s all you really need for a clapboard.

4. SunLocator (Android) & SunTracker (iOS)

Image Credit: Sun Locator

Checking the location of the sun in relation to where you are shooting is super important. An app like SunLocator for Android or SunTracker for iOS can provide you with incredibly useful information.

If you are planning some trips or want to hit a particular time of day where the sun is just right checking out these apps will give you that information so you get there and are ready for the perfect moment. You might want to consider purchasing premium features as it unlocks a lot more information, such as geography, so you can get a more precise picture of your location.

5. ShotDesigner

Image Credit: Cinecom.net

Finally, there is ShotDesigner for iOS and Android as well as Windows and Mac. You can create shots and set up blocking with actors, props, and lights. Camera diagrams are incredibly easy to make with this app.

If you are someone who isn’t a fan of your hand-drawn designs, this app will save you. If you are working with others on the project it’ll help get your ideas across and, hopefully, speed up the process.

Do you have any of your own favorite apps for filmmaking?

[source: Cinecom.net]

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