How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam for Live Streaming

Among the best cameras (or at least the most popular) for streaming and video conferencing are the ones on your phone. The issue becomes that when you are trying to run a more advanced stream on your computer or using other devices the cameras on your smartphone become much more difficult to use if you can figure out how to use them at all. There is a solution to that called OBS Ninja.

Tech Notice has put together a video showing off how the web app works and that all you need is a smartphone. It even functions on either iOS or Android devices without issue.

Among the advantages of this method are that it can be wireless. No need to mess with cables or downloading of apps. It’s quite simple to understand too, as OBS Ninja is essentially a browser-based streaming solution that can pull your camera and audio feed in.

Heading to, you will get a menu to check out:

  • Add Group Chat to OBS
  • Add your Camera to OBS
  • Remote Screenshare into OBS
  • Create Reusable Invite

Image Credit: OBS Ninja

Fairly straightforward selections here. If you are coming directly from the phone you can just hit the add camera option. If you start on your computer you can create an invite to send to your phone or anyone else that you want to join the stream.

Once you create a link and send it to your device you can open it up and should immediately see a share your camera link. You can then access some basic settings, such as which camera you want to use, and then just accept it to start broadcasting. Now, from your create link page you should also have another link for the stream. Take this link and you can add it to streaming software, like OBS Studio, to add a browser source.

You should be able to select some basic options and then immediately get started. The latency is very good. The quality isn’t necessarily as good as a true camera that is wired in, but as a secondary camera system or a remote camera perhaps running off cellular data it is an incredibly simple and free option.

Is this going to be helpful for your next stream?

[source: Tech Notice]

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