Blackmagic’s New Hardware includes a Video Storage Beast called Cloud Store

On the eve of NAB, Blackmagic’s Grant Petty went live online to showcase the latest hardware and software that the company has been working on. And while there are no cameras to be had for the 2022 Spring event, there was the announcement of DaVinci Resolve Cloud, Blackmagic’s entry into the online team collaboration space, and the hardware that can really make it hum.

While DaVinci Resolve Cloud can manage dozens of team members simultaneously working with both original and proxy media assets, the need to store copies of those media files locally can be a benefit and a curse. If a computer doesn’t have as much storage space to handle tera bytes of data, even managing proxies can become a burden to the system.

Image Credit – Blackmagic Design

That’s where the new Blackmagic Cloud Store RAID array comes in handy. Not to be confused with Blackmagic’s external GPU case, with a very similar design, the Cloud Store RAID can keep up to 320 TB of data right on your desktop.

The Cloud Store uses high-speed m.2 memory cards in a RAID 5 configuration for redundancy. With four 10G Ethernet connections to connect up to a dozen separate computers, the Cloud Store is a network all by itself.

It also has four 1G Ethernet ports, HDMI, and external backup via USB-C and USB-C Ingest. Mac users without 10G Ethernet can also connect Thunderbolt to 10G Ethernet adapter.

The data is color-coded: orange (written) blue (read) purple (stored) data. Users can also sync multiple Cloud Stores across the network or around the world via the Internet with a separate utility.

The Cloud Store can also handle up to12 different workstations, making it great for training. All you need to do is share a meeting link via email within the interface. Then the team logs in to the Cloud interface and it’s ready to go.

Cloud Store will also provide San workflows without all the expense and maintenance and can record a live stream directly through the Blackmagic Hyperdeck (future update). This requires a separate m.2 flash memory card for caching live video before moving it along in the pipeline. Ultra HD in ProRes.

The Cloud Store is scheduled to ship in late May/Early June 2022 in three different sizes 20TB, 80TB, and 320 TB models. Prices start at $9,995, $29,995, TBA.

Image Credit – Blackmagic Design

But since a smaller, one-man freelancer probably won’t be able to swing that price point, Blackmagic has also created the 8TB Cloud Store Mini, with a slight paired down single 10GB and 1GB Ethernet port, USB-C. HDMI.

It’s a smaller hardware set, but it can proportionally handle the same workloads. Available now for $2,995.

Image Credit – Blackmagic Design

Lastly, there’s the bring your own storage option of the Blackmagic Cloud Pod. BMD has created a version of the Blackmagic Store Pod without any onboard storage, allowing the user to connect the Cloud Pod to external hard drives and flash drives.

This roll your own device has a single 10G Ethernet, 2 USB-C ports for external SD drives connection, and an HDMI port for monitoring. Same software, same capabilities.

There are limitations, due to the speed of your drives, but for general use, it’s ideal for the single freelancer looking to jack in. The Cloud Pod retails for $395 and it’s available now.

Image Credit – Blackmagic Design

Hyperdeck also gets a few new toys for editors to deploy. The Hyperdeck Shuttle HD is designed as a shuttle job with the ability to control clip playback on any network or through the DaVinci Cloud interface.

It’s ergonomically designed for comfort and has all the traditional transport buttons. Ports include HDMI in/out, USB C, 1Gig Ethernet, and an SD card slot for loading and saving data.

The Hyperdeck shuttle works with Blackmagic Shuttle software and supports ProRes, H264. and Interlaced video. But a nifty additional feature is the built-in teleprompter. It can play the text file brought in through the SD card slot like a video file, and will scaled-up the font size to make it easier to read.

Can scroll through the text with the shuttle. You can also play the proxies generated from the Blackmagic Proxy Generator, turning it into a media browser. (future update) Navigating through various folders.

The Price of the Hyperdeck Shuttle HD is $495 and it’s available now.

Lastly is a 4K HDR version of the Hyperdeck Extreme. It’s just like the 8K model, only supporting up to 4K resolution in HDR. The cost of the 4K version is $2,995 and it’s also available now.

[source: Blackmagic Design]

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