Telesin Motorized Camera Dolly Doubles as an Affordable Slider

Telesin has announced a motorized camera dolly that can also double as an affordable motion-controlled camera slider.

Known as the Telesin Remote Control Photography Car, the dolly is designed to work with small form factor cameras including DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, and Smartphones.

Image Credit – Telesin

Compact and lightweight, the RC Photography Car weighs about 300 grams and can carry a workable payload of 6.6 pounds (3 kg).

This should enable the three-wheeled, T-shaped dolly to carry most cameras, even if they’re using a lightweight and small kit lens.

If it’s light enough, the dolly could conceivably work with a gimbal, though that would necessitate a smaller camera, like a GoPro in order to stay under the weight limit. The Photography Car is also Pan-Tilt-Zoom compatible.

Image Credit – Telesin

The adjustable, motorized wheels enable creators to use the dolly in a straight line, slider style, or to create a semicircle for more interesting camera angles. The car can also be used to create a 360-degree rotational shot.

The motor has five different user-controlled speeds, ranging from 1.42 inches (3.6 cm) per second, all the way to 2.76 inches (7 cm) per second. There’s also a remote control with a range of up to 10 meters, and a time-lapse setting.

Image Credit – Telesin

Depending on the speed selected, the RC Photography Car has a maximum battery life of five hours before recharging its 800 mAh lithium polymer battery. The recharging time is an hour and a half using the 5-volt charger.

Lastly, the Telesin RC Photography Car has both 3/8” and 1/4-20 screw mounts and a USB-C charging port. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Telesin has included the ability to control the unit with a smartphone app. That would certainly be an upgrade worth pursuing. Perhaps in version two?

Without the need for a time-consuming slider rail to set up, the RC Photography Car is a low-cost option for introducing a little motion to your videos, as long as there is a relatively level and smooth terrain for it to travel on. The Telesin RC Photography Car retails for $165.99. But if you get it directly from the Telesin store, you can save about $20.

[source: Telesin]

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