Sony FX3 and FX30 May Get Stuck in a Boot Loop with the Latest Firmware Update

Users of the Sony FX3 and FX30 Cinema Cameras may want to keep their powder dry and refrain from installing the latest firmware update from Sony.

Users are reporting that Sony’s latest firmware is causing their cameras to get stuck in a boot loop after updating.

Sony FX3 Cinema Camera

Image Credit: Sony


According to Sony Alpha Rumors, Firmware version 2.01 for the Sony FX3 Full Frame Cinema Cameras and version 1.01 for the Sony FX30 APS-C Cinema Camera have caused a small number of cameras to experience the boot loop making the cameras unusable.

Many have taken to Twitter to post video clips of their cameras turning on and off in rapid succession.

Image Credit – Sony

The updates were designed to address a pair of issues where vertical video images on the LCD were not rotating after being transferred to a computer, and where the Imaging Edge Mobile apps weren’t able to adjust the image on a mobile touchscreen device.

Instead, the update is practically bricking certain cameras.

The bug isn’t affecting most users, so chances are if you have already downloaded and installed the updates to either camera, it won’t magically appear sometime down the road.

In fact, one user installed it and reported that the camera boots up even faster. So, apparently, it either affects your camera or doesn’t in typical Russian Roulette fashion.

But it kind of makes one wonder just how complete the testing is of any given firmware update when an issue like this suddenly appears.

Were the updates tested on both cameras? Was it just a single model, or a handful that they were installed in?

Fortunately, the updates are relatively minor and it’s probably a good idea to steer clear until Sony is able to identify what is the root cause of the boot loop in some camera models and not in others.

So conventional wisdom would indicate that skipping Version 2.01 for the FX3 and 1.01 for the FX30 will likely not affect your workflow any more than it currently is.

It’s likely that Sony will investigate rather quickly and release a new update once a fix in the firmware has been crafted. In the meantime, if users are experiencing the vertical video issue a few extra steps to adjust the image in post is the workaround.

As for the mobile app, one can always try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it to see if it clears the problem.

[source: Sony Alpha Rumors]

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