Creative Holiday Tech Gifts for Content Creators in 2022

It’s getting down to the wire for picking up gifts for the holidays. If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for the content creator in your life then it may be time to admit you need some help.

B&H Photo Video has you covered! They put together a guide to some creative tech gifts that will be perfect for the content creator in your life.

Luckily, most of the items on this list will be under $100 and most of them actually cost less than $50. All reasonable purchases that many creators would love to have.

1. Headphone Cradle

You don’t often think about where you put your headphones, but when you decide to take them off you will have to find space on your desk.

Or, you might accidentally knock them off. A headphone cradle gives them a safe, dedicated home that will also help keep them out of the way.

Auray Headphones Holder with Padded Cradle and Adjustable Angle

Image Credit: Auray

2. Organizer Bags

You’ll acquire lots of miscellaneous cables and parts as you progress throughout your creative workflow. To keep things from becoming unmanageable mess you should pick up some organizer bags.

Not only will it make things easier to find it will also make things look clean and tidy.

Think Tank Photo Cable Management 10 V2.0

Image Credit: Think Tank

3. Flexible LED Panel

A fun light to pick up is the flexible LED panel. These are often compact and lightweight and their flexible design makes it easy to get them in tough spots. It’s a nice addition to an otherwise normal kit that can help in unique situations.

Genaray PortaSun Round Flexible Bi-Color LED Light

Image Credit: Genaray

4. Smartphone Gimbal

Phones have incredibly good video, but you still can’t avoid some shake from handheld shooting. A smartphone gimbal will transform your smartphone video into ultra-smooth professional-looking footage.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal

Image Credit: DJI

5. Mini Tripod

You can never underestimate the value of a tripod. A mini tripod will go places a normal one can’t and let you get stable shots everywhere you go. It can also fold up and be used as a handle for vlogging.

Think beyond the camera as well and use it for things like a microphone or monitor to elevate your experience.

SmallRig Aluminum Mini Tripod

Image Credit: SmallRig

6. On-Camera Monitor

The built-in monitor of your camera is likely far from ideal. Adding a larger, sharper, and brighter on-camera monitor to your kit can revolutionize your filmmaking experience.

Often they have additional tools like waveforms, false color, and LUT support that will make you a more effective and efficient shooter.

Lilliput A7S Full HD Monitor

Image Credit: Lilliput

7. ND Filter

Trying to nail that film look? You’ll need to target the 180-degree shutter rule and to do that you’ll need to cut back on light, especially if you are shooting outside during the day.

A variable ND filter is a great solution that will let you control exposure without needing to swap out filters all the time.

K&F Concept Variable Fader ND2-ND400 Filter

Image Credit: K&F Concept

8. L Bracket

Vertical shooting is almost a necessity today with so much content destined for social media and small screens. An L bracket makes it easy to switch from horizontal to vertical shooting with your camera.

A nice bracket will also allow you to ditch your tripod’s default plate (as long as they follow the Arca-type standard).

Desmond DAL-1 QR L Plate

Image Credit: Desmond

9. Smartphone Mic

Video may be great on smartphones, but audio isn’t quite there yet. Upgrade your audio with a dedicated directional microphone for clearer sound.

RODE VideoMic Me-L Directional Microphone for iOS Devices

Image Credit: RODE

10. USB Hub

Once you start acquiring more devices and hard drives you’ll find that no computer comes with enough ports. A USB hub will take care of that problem by adding more USB ports, card readers, charger ports, audio, and more!

HYPER HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 USB Type-C Hub

Image Credit: HYPER

11. White Balance Filter

Nail your white balance every time. A gray card is the standard way to go, but you could pick up a white balance filter instead that you pop on your camera before doing your custom measurement. Easy.

ExpoDisc 2.0 82mm White Balance Filter V2

Image Credit: ExpoDisc

12. Smartphone Lens

Even with phones coming with multiple lenses you’ll likely still encounter situations where you’ll need a bit more reach. Instead of using the quality-killing digital zoom, you should pick up a lens for your smartphone.

These add-on lenses will give you more control over your smartphone photography and make sure you are getting the maximum quality.

Moment 58mm Tele Lens

Image Credit: Moment

13. Smartphone Tripod Adapter

Stable footage is a must, especially if you are trying to shoot yourself. Pick up a smartphone tripod adapter to mount your phone securely (and safely!) to a tripod. It could even be the mini tripod mentioned earlier.

Robus SPCS-001 Smartphone Tripod Adapter & Stand

Image Credit: Robus

14. Gaff Tape

There is nothing wrong with giving out some gaff tape. It’s an essential piece of every creator’s kit and you never want to run out.

Gaff Tape

Image Credit: ProTapes

15. B&H Gift Card

Still stumped? Well, you can’t go wrong with a B&H gift card. I think any photographer, filmmaker, or creator will have a list of things they want to use it on.

What do you think about all these gifts? Anything you would like to get?

[source: B&H Photo Video]

Order Links:

  • Auray Headphones Holder (B&H)
  • Think Tank Photo Cable Management 10 V2.0 (B&H, Amazon)
  • Genaray PortaSun Round Flexible Bi-Color LED Light (B&H)
  • DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal (B&H, Amazon)
  • SmallRig Aluminum Mini Tripod (B&H, Amazon)
  • Lilliput A7S 7” On-Camera Monitor (B&H, Amazon)
  • K&F Concept Variable Fader ND Filter (B&H, Amazon)
  • Desmond DAL-1 QR L Plate (B&H, Amazon)
  • RODE VideoMic Me-L Direction Microphone for iOS (B&H, Amazon)
  • HYPER HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 USB Type-C Hub (B&H, Amazon)
  • ExpoDisc 2.0 82mm White Balance Filter V2 (B&H, Amazon)
  • Moment 58mm Tele Lens (B&H, Amazon)
  • Robus SPCS-001 Smartphone Tripod Adapter & Stand (B&H)
  • ProTapes Pro Gaffer Tape (2” x 55 yd, Black) (B&H, Amazon)

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate partner and participant in B&H and Adorama Affiliate programmes, we earn a small comission from each purchase made through the affiliate links listed above at no additional cost to you.

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