DZOFilm Announces New Pictor Super35 Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Lens manufacturer DZO Film has announced the latest addition to their Pictor Super 35 cinema lens lineup – the Super 35 Pictor 12-25mm T2.8 Wide Angle Cine Lens.

The lens is designed to provide a focal length that ranges from ultra-wide to wide-angle zoom, with the performance of a Super 35 cinema prime.

The lens joins previous DZOFilm Super 35 Pictor Cine Zooms including the 14-30mm T2.8, 20-55 T2.8, and 50-125mm T2.8, creating a second three-lens set that will replace the 14-30 T2.8 and remain in a bundle for a price under $8200. The newcomer comes in black or white.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

With a constant aperture speed of T2.8, the Super 35 Pictor 12-25mm Pictor Wide Angle Cine Lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 15.74 inches (.4m) and a parfocal design that allows content creators to zoom in and out without needing to refocus, to create a smooth transition with negligible focus breathing.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Judging by the sound of the specs, the lens should have a 16-bladed iris and will feature cine-style gear rings for focus, iris, and zoom functions that are consistent with the Pictor lens design.

With a 95mm front diameter, and an 86mm filter thread, the lens will support a variety of third-party matte boxes, filters, and other lens accessories.

The lens is designed for use in shooting landscapes, portraits, and snapshots while providing accurate color reproduction and skin tones with gentle sharpness and a pleasant, round bokeh.

It maintains control over optical distortion and field curvature to create a realistic image that is free from any artifacts or an edge being out of focus.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Camera operators can also adapt the Picture Super 35 12-25mm T2.8 for larger full frame and vista vision-sized sensors through the use of the DZOFilm Marlin 1.6x extender, which can magnify the image to cover larger sensor areas.

The lens also has an EF mount but can be interchanged with a PL mount with minimal adjustment.

The most compact lens in the Pictor series, the length of Pictor 12-25mm is only 5.9-6.25 inches (150-159 mm), and a relatively light weight of 3.5 pounds (1.6kg).

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Pricing and availability:

The DZOFilm Super 35 Pictor 12-25mm T2.8 Wide Angle Cine Lens will be available for $2889 in black, or $3089 in white, with bundles including the Pictor 20-55m T2.8, and the Pictor 50-125mm T2.8, with prices of $7999 (Black) and $8199  (White).

The black lens will be available at the end of February 2023, while the white lens will ship by the middle of March 2023.

Further details can be found at

[source: DZOFilm]

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